Rostechnadzor recognized emergency the majority of elevators in the residential complex “Scarlet Sails”

The specialists of Rostechnadzor revealed that the design of most elevators in the residential complex “Scarlet Sails” in the North-West of Moscow are in disrepair. It is reported by TASS, which is the act of the Supervisory authority.

The document says that most elevators have long worn out. In addition, in the elevators “out of order electrical safety device that controls the breakage of the traction elements.” Experts noted that in the residential complex “does not exclude the falling of the traction ropes with guide elements, the wear of bearing rope” and “inadvertent displacement of cargo of the counterweight with the vertical plane”.

In addition, experts have revealed that passenger elevators are used for another purpose: they transport debris and materials. Stated that in the mines of many lifts is garbage, in addition, not observed temperature and lighting regimes.

At the disposal of the Agency was also the answer of the Prosecutor’s office of North-Western administrative district on the complaint of tenants of the complex. As a result of inspections initiated five administrative cases to identify “numerous violations of the requirements of the housing and fire laws,” reads the response.

Verifying agencies began, after in January 2016 as a result of breakage of Elevator cable in the residential complex “Scarlet Sails” killed the daughter of a famous TV host Evgenia Kochergina Irina Volodina.

In fact the incident TFR opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 238 of the RF criminal code (provision of works that do not meet safety requirements). Immediately after the tragedy, the defendant in the case was the electrician of company “Leftheart” Alexey Belousov. He his not guilty. Now he is under arrest.

“Scarlet Sails” is located on Aviation street in Moscow. The residential complex includes six buildings. The first was built in 2003. The total area of the LCD about seven acres.

This case was not only over the past few months, when the residents of apartment buildings were injured or killed due to falling elevators. In December 2015 as a result of cable breakage down the Elevator, holding the doors a pram with 10 month old baby. From the received traumas the baby died. In fact the incident initiated two criminal cases. On 1 March it became known that in Yekaterinburg the man received multiple injuries after falling into the Elevator shaft on the eighth floor.