Novgorod Vice-Governor has received more than 8 years on charges of embezzlement

The Novgorod court sentenced the first Vice-the Governor of the region Arnold Shalaev to 8 years and 10 months in prison on so-called “road case”. This is stated in the message of the RCDS.

Together with Samuelem sentence was also made the Deputy head of the state regional unitary enterprise “Veche” Alexander Belov and a number of other regional entrepreneurs. Depending on the role they each found guilty of crimes under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (theft of another’s property by fraud by an organized group, in large and especially large sizes), paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 179 of the criminal code (coercion to commit the transaction or to refusal of its execution, committed by an organized group), part 2 of article 286 of the RF criminal code (exceeding official powers), paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 174.1 of the criminal code (legalization of funds obtained by criminal means).

According to investigators, in 2012, Shalaev created an organized criminal group, which included the head of the state institution “Novgorodavtodor” Nicholas Zakoldaev, his Deputy Georgy Vishnyakov and expert Vyacheslav Samoylov, Director of the state regional unitary enterprise “Veche” Oleg Orlov, his Deputy Alexander Belov and a number of entrepreneurs in the region — Konstantin Becciev, Alexei Tutykhin, NATO Natanov.

According to the plan of Shalaeva “Veche” was to win the auction for the second half of 2012 for the right to conclude the state contract on performance of works on maintenance of motor roads of regional and intermunicipal importance in most areas of the Novgorod region. The investigation found that the implementation of the criminal plan as a Director of the state regional unitary enterprise “Veche” and his Deputy were appointed to Orlov and Belov respectively.

In addition, in may 2012 the group acquired the company through which it was expected to carry out the theft of money, — LLC “Magistral”.

However, in June 2012 at an open auction in the electronic form is defeated by another organization, then the head of this enterprise was threatened. As a result, the entrepreneur, “recognizing the reality of threats from group members in high office,” was forced to withdraw from the contract and it was signed with a state regional unitary enterprise “Veche”, then a dummy primary accounting documents to the account controlled by the LLC “Magistral” was listed more than 15 million rubles”, noted in the TFR.

According to the Novgorod Prosecutor’s office, Shalaev was a defendant in a criminal case back in April 2013. Overall damage to the state from actions of criminal group is estimated at 15 million rubles In RCDS noted that to ensure the compensation of damage the consequence of the arrested property of the accused worth about 170 million rubles., including flats, houses, cars.

During the trial Shalaev did not plead guilty