Former Trump employee: 'I would not vote for him' – BBC News

A woman who worked for Donald Trump as the chief engineer on Trump towers has said she “certainly would not vote for him for President”. Barbara Res, who is often mentioned by Mr Trump in his stump speeches, said she found his policies “abhorrent”. “I don’t think he has the temperament to be President, I think he’s very impatient, I don’t think that he takes advice from people,” she added. Ms Res said in a World Service documentary, Donald Trump: The People’s Billionaire, that she fell out with Mr Trump after writing a book about her time as his employee, but before that they had had “a good relationship” and he was “a smart guy”.
(Photo: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Bloomington ,Illinois. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)
One of the things the Trump candidacy has done is tear apart the Republican party – which some Republicans see as a very good thing. Among them Carl Palliadino who is a former party candidate to be Governor of New York. Mr Pallidino sees Donald Trump as a breath of fresh air