The TFR transferred to the court case for assaulting a police officer after the accident with the Ferrari

The investigative Committee (IC) has finished investigation of criminal case concerning 44-the summer citizen of Russia and Israel Alexander Mirilashvili, who is accused of violence against police. About it it is spoken in the Department message, received by RBC. The case with the approved bill of indictment to the court, said in the TFR.

The case was initiated under part 2 of article 318 of the criminal code (use of violence dangerous to life and health, against a representative of authorities in connection with the performance of his duties). It comes to an accident involving a Ferrari, which occurred in October 2015 in the area of the Krymsky bridge in the centre of the capital. Then Ferrari at high speed crashed into two cars and caught fire. The accident injured two people, Ferrari has burnt down almost completely, the two other cars also caught fire.

At the wheel foreign cars there was 18-year-old citizen of Israel. He is now outside of Russia. He brought correspondence accusation, it will be delayed if re-enter Russia.

Interviews with the culprit who was in a medical facility, attempted to have the journalists of a television, however, Mirilashvili did not allow them to the young man, noted in SK. “The demands on police officers who were called journalists, the man refused to produce documents proving his identity, and, moreover, leaving medical facility and sitting behind the wheel of a car, Mirilashvili had hit a police officer who tried to detain him. Dragging a COP on the hood of the car a few meters, Mirilashvili disappeared”, — specify in Department.

IC “have done everything possible to collect and consolidate evidence of the involvement of Mirilashvili to commit a crime”, said the official representative of SC Vladimir Markin. “I can assure you that the investigation was conducted thoroughly and objectively. Continue this serve as a lesson for those who dare to endanger the life and health of law enforcement officers in connection with the performance of their duties”, — he concluded.