Hundreds of migrants began to prepare to breakthrough the borders of Greece and Macedonia

Hundreds of workers left the camp located near the Northern Greek border, to try to circumvent the fence, blocking them the way to Macedonia. It is reported Reuters with reference to eyewitnesses of the incident.

According to witnesses, a large group of migrants left the tent camp near the town of idomeni, where at least 12 thousand people in unhygienic conditions, as Macedonia and other countries has blocked the way North on the so-called Western Balkan route.

As utonyaet Associasted Press, to the Greek-Macedonian border are sent about 300 workers, among them dozens of children. It is noted that the conditions in the camp deteriorated in idomeni after several days of heavy rains.

At the same time, police in Macedonia said that in the river near the border with Greece found the bodies of two men and one women, who were presumably migrants.

Only in Greece near the border with Macedonia now there are about 40 thousand migrants, who were there after the countries of former Yugoslavia closed their borders. This ban has led many to look for more dangerous ways around the border.

March 9 Macedonia “completely” closed the border for illegal migrants. On such step the authorities of Macedonia, as well as tough new restrictions for refugees announced Slovenia and Serbia.