The victims of the attack in Central Ankara were 27 people

As the channel CNN Turk, in an interview with local TV channels, the head of Ankara said that the explosion near a passenger bus killed 27 people. 25 died on the spot, two died on the way to the hospital.

Injured, according to preliminary data, was received by 75 people.

The Governor also confirmed that the explosives was planted in a car.

The authorities indicate that in the area of the explosion was quite crowded because the explosion occurred near the area where there is a metro station, bus stop, popular among the residents of the Park, and shopping center and several banks.

The explosion occurred near a Park in the capital’s Kizilay district. According to police, the car crashed into the bus, which was standing near the bus stop, and then exploded. The explosion was so strong that it burned down a few cars around, damaged nearby buildings..

Police have classified the incident as a terrorist act. No data are available, was driving the car the suicide bomber, reports the Hurriyet edition. The car, driven by a likely culprit, very badly damaged.

There is no information yet whether there are among victims citizens of Russia. This information is specified by the Embassy in Ankara, said the Agency “RIA Novosti”.

Police point to a similar scenario with a major terrorist attack months ago, when a car bomb exploded near the bus of the Ministry of defense of Turkey February 17. The blast occurred in the area, where the building of military institutions and hostels for the military. The car exploded near the service bus of the armed forces of Turkey, standing at the traffic lights. 28 people were killed and over 60 injured.