Russian Internet stores recorded March 8 the growth of sales up to 400%

Tulip instead of a rose

On the eve of women’s day most of the expected increased sales colors: according to the research company “Yandex.Money”, taking into account sales of 75 thousand Russian Internet shops, the daily increase in the number of orders in the period 1-3 March reached 400% compared with 26-29 February (see chart).

But it was clear that Russian men skimp on colors, says the owner of the company MegaFlowers (combines online delivery service and retail stores) Sergey Semenov. According to him, the average check for the purchase of a bouquet for March 8 in its network this year has not changed in comparison with last year and amounted to about RUB 1 “Flowers for the year rose by about 20-25%, respectively, bouquet on this difference became more modest, says Semenov. — The demand began to shift towards the tulips, although in the past the roses were the most popular flowers for March 8. If earlier it was possible to buy 11 roses for $ 1.1 thousand rubles, now the price of the bouquet increased to 1,5–1,7 thousand rbl. And for the same 1,1 thousand rbl. now you can buy 25 of tulips that much more interesting for the buyer”.

Savings on bouquets and notes employee “” Waist Akhmetov: “If we consider the number of ordered and bought arrangements and bouquets, it is clearly seen the increase [compared with last year], however we see that fell average price of bouquets Russians buy more, but these bouquets have become cheaper and easier.” Sales in retail stores has remained approximately at the level of 2015, as online sales have increased by slightly more than 20% as consumers every year increasingly using online services, says Akhmetova.

Employee says that his company faced even in 2016 with a slight decline in sales compared with last year. In this case, as the company “”, the average check decreased, while the number of deliveries has increased: it was noticeable that many customers are choosing the more budget options than ever before, says the interlocutor of RBC. Top Manager of a large Russian manufacturer colors said that many of the flower vendors in anticipation of the holidays overestimated future sales and as a result are unable to sell purchased volumes.

A Bathrobe instead of the dress

Last year RBC also interviewed retailers about the dynamics of sales in holidays: then the attendance of the shopping centres before March 8 fell by 10.4% (to previous year). This was due to a sharp jump in prices in late 2014 — early 2015 due to the devaluation of the ruble. Now all of the respondents RBC vosjmimetrovaya sellers of goods face a significant recovery compared to last year.

So, increased sales of underwear, one of the most popular gifts for March 8. Vice President of the company “Rosteh” (network for the sale of underwear “wild Orchid”, “Bustier” and “Defile”) Tatiana Lviv noted that in 2016 the rate of growth of sales in natural expression in the holidays from 5 to 8 March for all the company’s brands in relation to the period from 27 February to 1 March was much higher than in 2015. For example, the sales growth of the brand “Bustier” in this period amounted to 127%, whereas a year earlier, sales grew by only 71%, mark “Catwalk” — at 123% vs. 64%. However, “the customer in 2016 shifted to import substitution”, adds Lvov: he often chooses produced in Russia private labels of lingerie, which are cheaper than imported ones. From the beginning, the premium segment in the revenue of the network “wild Orchid” has declined 10 percentage points in favor of private brands.

The improvement of the situation in the spring of 2016 to spring of 2015 notes and the financial Director of the network for the sale of lingerie “Mylabel” Alex Prager: “Shopping has become much more, apparently, there is pent-up demand, the population adapted to the new prices went to us buyers of the more expensive segments,” he says. Buyers have to carefully choose the product, paying attention to the ratio of price and quality, notes Prager, as a result, the demand for some brands fell to a minimum, and on the other, on the contrary, has grown. In “Mylabel” before the holidays significantly increased sales of home clothes and cheap tights, shorts and so on.

Recovery was observed at one of the largest Russian footwear retailers “Footwear of Russia” (networks Westfalika, “Pedestrian” and others). According to the Deputy Director on public relations Natalia Pauli, in the spring of 2015 was the fall of sales in real terms — by 18-20% compared to the same period a year earlier, although the RUB was the increase due to the increase in prices. Before March 8 this year, sales of shoes in real terms increased by 18%, bags by 23%. Particularly strong growth was registered in sales of related products — up to 55% on textile products (towels, linens, clothes for the house) and up to 30% on body care.

The largest fashion network “Adamas” reported in a release that holiday sales and the money, and the pieces remained at about the level of 2015.

Steak instead of rib eye

People save though, but from visiting the restaurants during the holidays try not to give up, says the President of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers, Igor Bukharov: “Tomorrow the deluge, but today we must celebrate”. But to celebrate it is desirable more cheaply.

“In the holidays we always sold out, and this year we observed the same picture — says managing partner, Torro Grill Kirill Martinenko. — Despite the crisis, people try to at least during the holidays to afford the trip to the restaurant, but save”. The average bill in February and March holidays compared to the previous year decreased by approximately 10%, while prices in restaurants Torro Grill for the year rose about 6%.

This year in February and March holidays attendance network family cafe “Anderson” was the same as in the past, but it is rather a negative trend, because earlier there was annual growth of about 8-10%, says the network owner Anastasia Matulova. “The average check has fallen around 15%, she says. — This is quite understandable: people in crisis save and begin to take a closer look at pictures”.

Women spend more

March 8 the Russians are buying more gifts than February 23: before International women’s day the number of online orders have doubled, and before the Day of defender of the Fatherland is only one and a half, according to the study “Yandex.Money.” According to marketing Director of the shopping center “Afimoll city” eve Snegovskii, before February 23, customer traffic at the center increased by 15%, before March 8 — 18% compared with the average of the weekly indices.

That men spend less, and the data indicate companies Svyaznoy, one of Russia’s largest digital retailers: prior to February 23 were the most popular relatively inexpensive items — speakers, a Bluetooth headset, but before March 8 smartphones, tablets and smart-watches. The daily turnover on the eve of March 8 increased by about 30% compared with an average of March and 23rd of February — only 10% compared to the average of February, said the representative of “Coherent”.

The online-shop “220 Volt”, specializing in the sale of electrical goods, home goods and building materials, in the period from 16 to 23 February, the growth of sales in natural expression made compared to the same period 2015 15%, average check increased slightly — by 4%, said the representative of the online retailer for Maria Komendantov. At the same time, she notes, before women’s day, from 1 to 8 March, the number of purchases increased by 19% and average check increased by 44%. In part, this increase in average check is due to the fact that over the past year the company has expanded the assortment of goods, which often give women.

With the participation of Anna Deryabina, Anna Levinsky