In the terrorist attack in Ankara suspect the Kurds

Witnesses and emergency services at the scene

The terrorist attack in Ankara, which killed at least 27 people, could make members of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) or the associated group. About it reports Reuters referring to a source in the security services of the country.

“According to preliminary data, it seems that this attack was undertaken either by the PKK or associated organization”, — quotes Agency the words of his companion.

Sunday, March 13, in the capital’s Kizilay district exploded a car bomb. The explosion occurred at the moment when the car crashed into the bus. Victims of explosion of steel, according to recent reports, 27 people, another 75 were injured. In the area of the explosion was quite crowded, because there are metro station, bus stop, popular among the residents of the Park, and shopping center and several banks.

Police have classified the incident as a terrorist act and noted the similarity with a major terrorist attack months ago, when a car bomb exploded near the bus of the defence Ministry of Turkey. Then, on 17 February, a car exploded near the service bus of the Turkish armed forces in the area, where the building of military institutions and hostels for the military. The victims were 28 people, more than 60 were injured.

Responsibility for the blast in Ankara took over the group “Free the hawks of Kurdistan” (TAK) associated with the PKK. The group said the explosion was a reprisal for the policies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and, in particular, for the situation in Cizre in Southeast Turkey. At the same time the members threatened Ankara with new attacks.

Both organizations – and the PKK is recognized as terrorist by Turkey.