Widow Lesin told about the whereabouts of the passport of her husband

Mikhail Lesin

The widow of the former Minister of press of Russia Mikhail Lesin Lesin Valentine said that the passport of her late husband kept from her. She told about that “Газете.Ru”. According to her, the document was handed over to her American bodies of inquiry almost immediately after the death of her husband and since then resides in her.

A source close to the family Lesina, previously told RBC that the Lesina passport with the American visa is kept by the widow of the late Valentina Lesja’s in Los Angeles since the death of the former head of the press Ministry.

Comment on “Газете.Ru” information on possible crossing of her husband U.S. border after the official announcement of his death Lesin refused. She noted that “to comment on all sorts of innuendo considers beneath his dignity and unworthy of the memory of her husband.”

On Saturday, March 12, the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny said in his blog that people with a passport in the name of Mikhail Lesin left the territory of the United States December 15, 2015, 40 days after his death. The oppositionist refers to the data from the website of the border service of the USA.

Navalny posted a scan of the passport, which, he claims, belongs to ex-press Minister Mikhail Lesina. When entering data this passport on the website of the border service of the USA follows that Lesin last entered the United States on October 21, 2015, and left the country on 15 December of the same year. Information about how the staff of FBC received passport details of Lesina, the representative of FBK Kira Yarmysh in a conversation with RBC declined to disclose.

In turn, the Bloomberg columnist Leonid bershidskiy noticed that Lisinym crossing the U.S. border could be locked by mistake. The crossing of the border Lisinym could get into the database of the border service of the USA if he bought a return ticket, but did not use it.

At the same time one of the friends of Lesina told RBC that the former Minister of press the last few years flying on a private jet without buying tickets on General flights.

Mikhail Lesin died on 5 November 2015 in Washington, DC. His body was found in the room of Dupont Circle. According to his friend, the Director of the group Vi of Sergei Vasiliev, the Lesina body after death was cremated and buried in Los Angeles. The urn with the ashes of Lesina none of US have not taken out, told RBC Vasiliev.