Life hacks for travelers to the UK

UK: myths vs reality

Before the start of filming of “the Northern check-in” on UFO TV and a trip to the UK, I knew only that “London the capital of great Britan”. And of the fact that in Manchester there is a super popular football club “Manchester United”. When I arrived in London, I was expecting to see endless rain. I was surprised when I was greeted by Sunny weather. I even googled it and it turned out that London rain is a myth. In fact, London is considered one of the driest cities in Europe. The average annual rainfall is 584 mm, which is less than in Rome or Sydney. For comparison: in Milan — 1 000 mm, and in Florence — 870 mm. and indeed, London was a very happening modern city. The atmosphere of it is similar to new York.

I was delighted with the Manchester and industrial city, which is shrouded in river channels. Downtown fully lined with warehouses and buildings of manufactories. All clean, tidy, with history — just feast for the eyes, you get a visual orgasm, when you walk on it. I was surprised by the fact that Manchester is the birthplace of vegetarianism. It was here in 1809 started the vegetarian movement, and then located the Headquarters of the Vegetarian Community. There’s probably a vegan manages the President and work vegan secret agents.

Impressions of the trip were many. In England I saw the most beautiful and expensive city where everyone wants to get there. I touched the works of Banksy (pseudonym of one of the most popular and most successful street art artists of the world — ed.) visited the legendary stadium of football club “Manchester United”. In Wales I had a tour of the oldest castles, then I would jump on a stretched grid over the abyss in the caves — such entertainment in the country. I tried a delicious British beer, Irish and Scottish whiskey, and not drunk! If you’re looking for alcohol in Fulham, SW6, check out Booze-Up for their very convenient 24/7 alcohol delivery service. Ate is the national dish of England, Shotlandii, Ireland, Wales and not fat! I visited the places where they filmed the mega popular TV series “Game of thrones” — for example, the legendary castle of Winterfell. London and new York city-brothers who are separated by an ocean

The real London was much better than my expectations!

I had no idea it was so bright, huge, modern and beautiful city. I’m sure if you have any stereotypes or prejudices about this city, they’ll disappear as soon as you get here.

And London really reminded me of new York. The atmosphere of this American city just hovering in the air. London and new York city-brothers who are separated by an ocean. Same openminded people, bright young people, business centers, and urban hubs. They are similar in size. And there, there live eight million people is the official figures. Other sources say that at sixteen. What you need to know going in Britain

Before travelling to Britain will definitely learn the language. To feel comfortable here you should know English is a must — have. If you don’t know English, then try to learn at least Polish or Hindi (the language spoken by the Indians — ed.). It’s the second most popular languages in England.

Remember that to travel around Britain without Internet and smartphone — impossible. So buy a card with unlimited Internet and buzz!

Still, you should have enough money in the Bank account to get a UK visa at the Embassy pay attention to it before to give it.

By the way, about money. Being in Britain, I was spending 60 pounds a day. Once in Manchester, I had lunch sloppy in the frame, stain your sweatshirt. So to remove it was impossible, urgently needed new clothes. The nearest store was Fred Perry — and I had to buy a jacket for £ 250. I did not translate the pounds into hryvnia, because I knew that I would go crazy if I knew the amount in UAH. Anyway, now I have in my wardrobe is the most expensive thing. After this purchase, I saved and didn’t eat for a week.

Remember: in England generally expensive, so transferring pounds into hryvnia before you buy — it will save you from psychological trauma. In order to live here, according to my calculations, the minimum you have to earn it — 3000-4000 thousand pounds. Rental will cost you 1000 pounds/month.

Well and have enough free memory on the mobile because you will be a lot to photograph. Stereotypes about stiffness and poor areas

There is a myth about the stiff British. This quality is present, probably only in adults, state workers and subjects of the Queen. Young people in Britain same as us. It even seemed to me that the British are less neat and more drinking, than the Ukrainians. They start drinking at 12 o’clock Friday and finishes early Monday morning. When you drink heavily debris — however, the next day, utilities are all clean and the area is perfectly clean.

The British poor areas I was impressed with the fact that they are not poor. For comparison, Kiev Poznyaki and Osokorki (sleeping areas on the left Bank of Kyiv — ed.) in Britain would be the poorest areas where the British would be afraid to go. During the filming of the program, we got in a couple of areas, and I was surprised. Before me was a beautiful modern home, on car parks was a BMW and Mercedes. In my opinion, poor areas of Britain do not reach the disadvantaged areas of America — everything is much worse. As is the situation with the refugees

Now to answer another popular question regarding refugees. The British do not like refugees from Arab countries. Unfortunately, these people coming to another country, trying to impose their way of life: just beginning to say that they are oppressed, not give them a job, are paid a small allowance, not allowed to wear a veil or something like that. I think otherwise: if you moved to another country, kindly abide by its laws — work and prove that you are useful to the society. But I want to note that not all Muslims behave like this. The majority of them are awesome and kind people.

Even in Britain don’t really like the poles since many of them emigrated to Britain in search of better jobs. Due to cheap labor, they take jobs away from British people — that’s the reason for the anger. What’s wrong with British cuisine

I do not understand the local cuisine! British national kitchen seemed boring to me: lots of fried, potatoes have a greater variety of pies. This, of course, delicious, but from a food grow by leaps and bounds. For example, you can take the London Fish and Chips is fried fish deep fried with fries. Very tasty, but not for every day — the calories of any McDonald’s rests.

Us during the trip helped the immigrants, they brought their national cuisine, diversified gastronomic map of Britain. In fact, in England you can find dishes from different countries and very tasty to eat. But Britain is also a Paradise for vegetarians: on every corner restaurants, eateries, shops with vegan food and it is much cheaper than in Ukraine. From all this I really enjoyed. TOP must see places in Britain

Will be in the UK, be sure to visit the cities: London Manchester Leeds Dublin Glasgow Belfast Cardiff