Find the Nutcracker: tale “the Nutcracker and the four kingdoms”

The Director’s double blow

The film was shot with two Directors. Work on the painting began Lasse Hallstrom, an outstanding specialist tear psychologically accurate film, with a focus on acting work, and continued Joe Johnston, winner of the “Oscar” for best visual effects, known for large-scale spectacular rides in the spirit of the comic “the First avenger”. He was doing pick-UPS of the painting, which lasted 32 days, after the first version of the film didn’t satisfy the Studio Disney.

Surprisingly, unlike other cases of bringing to the film a second Director, Lasse Hallstrom was not against cooperation with appointed to assist a colleague. After completion of the pick-UPS together they brought the picture to the desired the “mind”. So the Guild of Directors of the United States, which traditionally considers that the film can only be one author, went to meet them and let the titles show at a glance the two names.

The change of polarity

Another surprise that accompanied the release of the pictures, became critical statements keira Knightley, who starred in the movie one of the Central roles (her “star” name in the credits first), combining the images of princesses in Disney tapes that just do that waiting for the male characters to save, or worse, sacrificing themselves for the heroes. However, this statement refers to classic works that the Studio itself is now diligently reinvents.

“The Nutcracker and the four kingdoms” is a clear indication of the new agenda in relation to Disney, especially princesses.

The film is based on a romantic tale by E. T. A. Hoffmann and libretto by Marius Petipa for the ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky (his music formed the basis of the picture) and at the same time shamelessly with great aplomb rewrites them. While editing the classics to a primitive just by changing the polarity and functions of the characters.

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In the end, infernal images of Mychild and even the Mouse king (the one in the original with seven heads) is gradually becoming quite comely features, and the Nutcracker (Jaden Favora night), called Philip Hoffman (Hoffman, you understand?), becomes nothing more than a subsidiary character, which still need to be identified. Such mechanical transformation give regular element of surprise, but nothing more.

Instead of deep meaning, which audiences should find themselves, the authors offer straightforward statement — the game itself can stand up for themselves, relying on internal forces, without much outside help.

Young Clara (Mackenzie Foy), who is interested in mechanics and physics, once at Christmas in a magical land is such, taking an active part in the struggle waged by four kingdoms (or three against four). Along with her main parties to the conflict play rozovolosaya Caramel (in Ukrainian dubbing it beeps no less subtly than in the original version keira Knightley) and “cracked” Mother cookie monster (Helen Mirren). Digital and theatrical magic

The plot is a 100-minute film at times can be daunting. But the magical world of “the Nutcracker…” does not give reason to doubt myself, being financially compelling undoubted achievement of the producers of the film (worked on it in the first place the main production designer guy Hendrix Diaz, costume designer Jenny Bevan and makeup artist and stylist Jenny Shirker).

They actively used the possibilities of modern digital technology to create authentic fairy-tale landscape and characters magic characters: giant tin soldiers, scary clowns, falling one from another on the matryoshka principle, soulful animals (especially small, charming gesticulating Mychild). But also paid homage to traditional techniques of creating illusion, which originate in classical art theatre.

In fact, one of the most elegant scenes of the film is just a theatrical performance by ballerina misty Copeland that is scenic and not “digital” magic comes to the fore.

She dances to the music of Tchaikovsky and during the final credits run of “the Nutcracker…” as if reminding the departing audience, based on how the outstanding works were created by the tape that they just could contemplate.

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