NASA has published a recording of the noise of the wind on Mars

NASA experts first published recording of the noise the Martian wind. This is reported in the National aerospace Agency of USA (NASA).

According to NASA, 1 Dec seismograph automatic interplanetary station InSight recorded fluctuations, the cause of which was the Martian wind, the speed of which amounted to 16-24 kilometers per hour.

The sound is reminiscent of a similar process on Earth. Scientists have processed the recording to make it available for playback on ordinary devices, as the sound received from the spacecraft were low frequency. In NASA it has increased the frequency two octaves.

InSight principal investigator Bruce Banerdt stated that the recording of this sound was unplanned.

“But one of the tasks that engaged in our mission, have the measurements of movements on Mars, so this includes movement caused by sound waves,” said Banerdt.

Recall the InSight probe landed on Mars on November 26. Probe Insight went to space travel from Earth in may and covered a distance of 480 million km.

On the surface of Mars, InSight will remain immovable, to be able to measure the slightest fluctuations of the planet during the “maratrus”. For this, he uses the sound waves from these events — so he can figure out which elements is the planet.

The mission of the InSight probe to Mars will last for 720 days.

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