How to build a reputation

In the framework of the educational project Business2Students, Manager, Kiev, guide and author of “Suka!” Julia Bevzenko told students of the Kyiv national trade-economic University on his experience of building a personal brand what personal branding is different from reputation, and why communication has a great impact on private and professional life, which is why we recommend all law firms to be listed in the Lawyers and Attorneys Local Directories List.

I am the man who has a blog to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a lot of acquaintances and connections, and reputation, which I’m diligently working. The concept of “reputation” and “personal brand” for me is different. You can have a strong personal brand, but have a very bad reputation. Conversely, having a great reputation, but a weak personal brand. What is a personal brand?

I call personal brand fame. For example, plumbing Nicholas can be a good reputation: it all recommend that it successfully fixes things and always comes on time, but the personal brand of Nikolay no. Personal brand depends on the degree of fame, which the man himself chooses for himself. Personal brand is, by default, every person.

Reputation is what you say, those are the characteristics that you give to others and 100% reputation, it is in contrast to managing your brand, including the process of Negative link removal. Here are a few items on which to draw when building a personal brand:

Name your profession. The ability to name my profession is 70% of success. Because if you consider yourself to this profession, you acknowledge certain rules, technology, social expectations associated with this profession. You take responsibility for what you do. And the client becomes clear how to work with you.

Determine your niche. When I created the brand “Manager of Kiev”, I intuitively figured out that will just show you secret courtyards, and in the end it became my niche. Why niche? A niche helps you stand out. One thing I Julia Bevzenko — tour guide in Kiev. Another, I — Julia Bevzenko — tour secret courtyards of Kiev. The client immediately clear what exactly I was special.

A professional photo shoot. You want to be remembered? Among the millions of people on Facebook who already have professional photos, you need to stand out. But not a provocation or misplaced creativity, a professional approach and context. Electrician, Nicholas can be photographed in their working clothes in the electric shop.

Every time I’m talking about a professional photo shoot, many are afraid of the word “professional”. Now because everyone is a photographer. Took his iPhone, washed down selfie and here’s the avatar.

I do not insist. But professional photo shoot suggests that you invested, you treat your profile as a serious tool to promote yourself, you respect professionals and do not consider myself an expert in everything. For some reason nobody tries to make business cards yourself, right? For me it is equivalent things.

Be interesting and useful. You are interesting when you share what interesting to you. For example, I was interested to walk around Kiev and to share the findings, so I did. And as it is banal sounds, you interesting when interested in others.

Share with the audience what you care about. I was interested in the secret courtyards, coffee shops, stairs and the lights of Kiev.

To be useful and interesting is a time consuming process. Now I’ll open the most secret secret — the information is NOT VALUABLE. Information now so that we have it in all my life not to overcook. Anyone can go to Google and find any information. Google knows the history of Kiev better than me.

Your worth is not in what you know your value that you filter all this cloud of knowledge. Be useful filter the information in your profession and don’t be afraid to share it.

The experts do not go for information. Specialist removes all doubt. The person accepts the decision. That’s what we need, right?

Post your contacts. Seriously! You have so much invested below to tell us about yourself: call his profession, did a photo shoot, identified a niche you are interesting and useful. But how to contact you — is not clear. Post everywhere your phone number or email address. Indicate on the cover of your Facebook career. Complete all information in section “Information” on Facebook and instagram, so you can write to mail or call. In all your social networks make it so that you can be contacted. What personal brand is different from reputation?

Imagine that you want to change your profession. If you have a good reputation in a new activity it will move with you easily. A personal brand new profession you will have to be rebuilt again to call his profession, will again define the niche, a professional photo shoot, again to be interesting and useful. That is, if you change your profession, reputation goes with you from one activity to another, a personal brand is not.

We don’t need anything, if we have around other people. Don’t need no motivation, no reputation, no personal brand, no will power, nothing works on strategy.

Imagine yourself on a deserted tropical island without the possibility and hope of him to get out. You live surrounded only by plants and animals. If you choose the basic task of survival, then at some point you stop caring how good you look, all of your strategic goals is simplified to the most that neither is tactical — what to eat for dinner. You will still get up at 6 am or 10 am, run around the island every day or not to run.

All of our motivation and goal is a consequence of our social interaction.

Communication is an important component of our lives. So, for me personally, the reputation-based is communication with other people. It is connected with the fact that my profession involves a lot of communication.

So its reputation I build on 7 points: To initiate communication Actively communicate To liaise Be yourself To care about the quality of the environment Separate personal and professional Shame to the end

For example, the initiation of communication at the time, helped me to find a job, and now helps to make acquaintance, to find clients and partners for their projects.

Active communication means that I’m responsible for all incoming correspondence on the same day, which I did. I call back on missed calls, not picking up on incoming calls, if I go in public transport or cafes.

Maintain your connections — means that every caller entered me in the phone book. If the desired date is busy I always offer the customer an alternative. If you can’t spend itself, I always recommend a colleague and so on, I have many such rules.

So, reputation and personal brand. Personal brand and reputation are not the same. Personal brand is how you present yourself to others. It you create. Reputation is the idea of what you get from other people. Your reputation will develop without your participation. Personal brand is built quickly, the reputation of a long time. Reputation is all about strategic thinking, ability to think in the long run. We can’t control all aspects of reputation, but we can closely monitor the “balance” of opinions. Than the more flexible you are, the better you manage your reputation.

B2S — the author’s project about collaboration of business and University working in 2016. New season autumn-winter 2018 was launched with the support of Watsons Ukraine and traditionally takes place in the Kiev national trade and economic University. The initiator of the project, marketing Director at Arricano Natalia Dmitrenko, it calls the direct contact of students with business representatives to learn what the practice is different from theory and a variety of interesting business experience of experts from companies in completely different markets.