Ukraine’s only plant for recycling batteries ceased artisanal recycling

Closed production line of the plant “Argentum”, which was engaged in recycling of used batteries. It is reported UBR with reference to the head of the legal Department of MBO “Ecology — people — law” Olga Melen-Zabrano.

According to her, “Argentum” collected old batteries with the research purpose. For the official activities of the recycling plant has capacity and technology.

“The process was artisanal. The work was informally and lightly. There are a lot of companies licensed for recycling, but the necessary technology, they also have no”, — said the expert.

While that used batteries are stored in special vaults on normal dumps them to take.

In June, the activists said that 200 tons of batteries in Ukraine require disposal as soon as possible. To process them only in Europe.

Shipping to Europe and the disposal of the plant will cost 570-725 euros per tonne of batteries depending on plant level. To date, the efforts of activists and some companies in Ukraine harvested about 200 tons of batteries. To arrange proper transport and disposal in Europe, it will take more than 100 thousand euros.

We will remind, earlier the batteries processed at the plant “Argentum”, where experimental-production plot was at the plant about 50 square meters, and the installation is allowed to process up to 300 kg of batteries per day.

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