Ode to a depressing life: on the black Comedy “Killer warranty”

Modest debut

A 90-minute British band was the feature debut of Director Tom Edmunds. Like most debuts, it attracted the first non-trivial concept, the embodiment of which — given the modest production budget of the film — is professional and restrained at the same time unassuming.

A young writer William (Aneurin Barnard) unsuccessfully tries to commit suicide, having made a dozen attempts. During one of them, when he prepares to jump off the bridge into the stormy waters of the Thames, he meets an elderly stranger who offers the hero help in the difficult task of getting rid of life.

The business of death

Leslie (Tom Wilkinson) is a member of the Guild of assassins and in the conditions of intense competition that emerged after the British market opened to professionals from Eastern Europe (here it is, another reason for Brexit), looking for new clients through direct marketing, regularly visited on the roofs of skyscrapers and bridges to communicate with people speculating about suicide.

He offers William a standard contract with full prepayment. Together they define the desired method of killing, by choosing it from the special brochures referring to the price list. The service will be provided within seven days, or it returns to the client the funds, guarantees, Leslie. This slogan of the Guild — “Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back” is the original name of black Comedy.

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The main, and by and large, the only star humble pictures, is Tom Wilkinson, who plays Leslie — fashioned killer pre-retirement (in his opinion) or retirement (in the opinion of the authorities) of age.

His struggle for the right to stay in his beloved profession — he once said that murder give a meaning to his life, recalls the Central conflict of “Old men-robbers” Edward Ryazanov and gradually comes to the fore.

When William decides to terminate the contract, Leslie, using an old Nokia, a call which may not always turn off even while on the job, strongly opposed to this. And still decides to kill the boy, to prove to the employer their production efficiency. Cheating expectations and a history of violence

Main technique of creating a comic effect for Tom Edmunds is the deception of the audience expectations: the psychoanalysis turns into a production meeting, a meeting with a hired killer in a business lunch with completing the contract form in two copies, a gathering of killers is presented as a seminar on professional development, etc.

The operation of the pattern would also be impossible without a certain amount of cynicism, which the Director gives the characters (for example, the publisher is considering the project of the novel of William, asked whether he “chose” his own death to the release of the book), as well as blood, violence and death. In “Killer with a warranty” — a lot. Life above all

But the conclusions to which the audience clearly pushes the author of a dark Comedy, is the expected and very optimistic.

First, no need to rush into things and kill themselves because the future is unpredictable and something good it must occur. Second, a pension is not synonymous with the end of the world.

There is a “Killer warranty” and its production moral: outsourcing is not always really the best solution.

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