Arrow against the wind: action adventure fantasy “Robin hood”

Modern Middle Ages

Tape Otto Bathurst for which “Robin hood” became a debut in a feature film (before that, he very successfully worked on British television), launched with an ambitious voice-over promises to tell a story about Robin hood, which no one told me. And, I must say, his promise to fulfill — all two hours of the film.

Reach the authors of this fact that the maximum Sovremennaya narrative, in fact, just changing clothes of the characters in the twenty-first century design stylized Medieval costumes and leaving their mouths political rants and relevant today. In this Otto Bathurst and the company go much further than Brian Helgeland, youth put “a knight’s tale” the music of Queen.

The agenda for the Third crusade

Bursting with youth Lord Robin of Locksley (grimacing a little, Taron Edgerton) discovers in the stables an attractive woman Marian (Eve Hewson), who with keen sight and acute sense of social responsibility is going to kidnap the horse for agricultural work to help the wronged and oppressed.

Mutual love, immediately broke out between young people in the frame does not go beyond the passionate hugs and kisses — prevents this “Agenda on the Third crusade”, which was first demonstrated close up and then handed to the hero. And Robin heading to the middle East. For four years.

The scene of the clashes taking place in the hot Sands that follow this, copy the episodes hard fighters about us Marines defending freedom somewhere in Iraq, with the only difference that instead of machines of the crusaders bows and arrows, and the Moors — rechargeable crossbows. As a consequence, taken realistically, these fights are completely devoid of realism, because it does not make adjustments for historical “wind”.

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Having experienced all the horrors of war, in which the crusaders are the aggressors, and returning to his native land, Robin finds out that it was recorded in the dead, the estate is confiscated by the decision of the Sheriff of Nottingham and his beloved Marion, still a keen sense of injustice, has found another — a local politician will (Jamie Dornan), who is trying to protect the rights of ruthlessly exploited working people.

It is disastrous, because Nottingham is headed by the Sheriff-demagogue (Ben Mendelsohn), who regularly improve military training, scaring the population of Moors, who will come and will enslave everyone (it seems that in these passages the authors of the tape clearly hinted at a campaign speech Donald trump). In addition to a rant the Sheriff relies on the troops, clad in steel (the arrows of Robin, however, it easily breaks) and the Church (the Roman dignitaries react to events in Nottingham so rapidly that they have mobile communications and air transportation).

Thus, speaking out against the establishment (Assembly of the upper light called “an Orgy of bad taste”), the film turns out to be anticlerical. Both firmly unites the image of the Sheriff who all of a sudden, Robin opens an intimate biography, full of psychological childhood trauma (probably to the talented Ben Mendelssohn came at least something to play and not just look at the others with cold eyes villain).

Glamorous about the revolution

In principle, the authors were able to go further — to make the Sheriff a victim of Catholic priests-pedophiles, increasing the maximum revelatory effect and additionally heated the relevance of the tape. But “until the end” they generally are reluctant in this sense, the film operates according to the logic of manifest of Karl Marx, retold in the glossy pages of Teen Vogue, preferring the style, not the content.

In the end, Robin along with a moor that match the name John (Jamie Foxx), comfortable, spectacular and quite pointless robbing the Sheriff and his hangers-on, racing on floats, like it’s a real “afterburner” of the car, and attract to their activities the people, armed with Molotov cocktails. Because, says simple girl is Marion, kasiraja deep cleavage: “If not you, then who? If not now, when?” The final, which is not yet final…

The picture ends with an allusion to the continuation of the story, which will be held in the near future is unlikely to come, given that “Robin hood” was launched at the global box office so-so. However, the chance for a continuation of the artistic idea, which consists in how to best modernize the classic subjects, successfully disabling historical memory, is still there.

The creative team of “Robin hood” in its entirety should immediately proceed to reconsideration of the October coup, removing the adventure film “Vladimir Ilyich”. Of Taron Edgerton will play “so young” of Lenin, red mouth Eve Hewson — Nadezhda Krupskaya, and Jamie Foxx is quite suitable for the role of Leon Trotsky. Fortunately, the corresponding goatee and a basic understanding of Marxism — he already has.