In Kiev, launched a free blockchain-school

In Kiev on the basis of innovation platforms UNIT Factory and Blockchain-Ukraine Association launched a new school of software developers — X. Teams.

The learning process at school will be gamified: it is based on self-education, combining both independent work and interpersonal communication.

Program participants will be selected by results of competition. By the end of 2018 on the first course will enroll 30 students. The first 20 will receive a monthly scholarship in the amount of 11 thousand UAH.

The first course, which program was developed with the Blockchain Association of Ukraine, devoted to the blockchain technology. Students will solve real technical problems: to configure the interaction between the interface and the blockchain, create and develop prototypes of real blockchain projects based on Bitcoin and Ethereum. After four months of the course will be a two-day hackathon will begin a four-week practice.

At the end of the course students will receive practical tasks to solve technical problems using blockchain will learn to apply a decentralized approach to software development. Students will be able to: create smart contacts Solidity, to configure the interaction between the interface and the blockchain using the Web3 and other libraries, to place and test smart contracts in multiple development environments, to run private blockchain, DApps, to make prototypes of the real blockchain projects, to create his own crypto coin with the wallet and mining similar to Bitcoin.

“According to research company MarketsandMarkets, over the next five years, the global market blockchain could reach $7.68 billion And TechCrunch says that for every blockchain developer accounts for about 14 vacancies around the world, — says Mikhail Chobanyan, the President of BAU. The objective of our course is not just to give tools to professionals in the development of blockchain projects, but also to teach them to think strategically and creatively, to find creative solutions using a unique technology.”

The new school will operate on the basis of the Factory UNIT.

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Association “Blockchain Ukraine” is a non-profit organization that seeks to contribute actively to the dissemination of integration of the blockchain technology in the Ukrainian economy.

X. Teams — innovative school IT specialists. Created in 2018, in partnership with the school Factory UNIT. Founder Vitaly Gorovoy, managing partner at InSoft Capital. X. task Teams — to teach in the modern languages of programming and increase the level of Ukrainian software developers.

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