Grinding Gear has cancelled the December release of Path of Exile for PlayStation 4

The extra time will help improve the performance and increase the frame rate.

The extra time will help improve the performance and increase the frame rate.

In early November, when the gamers went crazy over the announcement of Diablo Immortal, Studio Grinding Gear announced the release of Path of Exile on the PlayStation 4. The version for the console, Sony had planned to release in December, along with patch 3.5.0, but plans changed.
What is known

The developers said in a blog that underestimated the amount of work that will be required for certification of the game during the winter holidays. In the end, Grinding Gear has shifted the release date to February 2019, but plan to finish work on Path of Exile to PS4 in January. According to the developers, the extra time will also help to improve productivity and increase the frame rate to release.

“Again, we are very sorry about this. We understand that many users of the PlayStation wanted to play in (add — ed) Betrayal at Christmas and was looking forward to news about the release dates. We promise that Path of Exile is stunning on the PlayStation 4 when it comes out early next year,” wrote the developers.
If you forgot

Path of Exile — multiplayer RPG, which in 2013 called the right successor to Diablo 2. PoE differs from other free projects that do not allows you to buy with real money for boosters to experience or heavy duty weapons. Donat you sell only jewelry to weapons and armor, and the experience and resources will have to produce yourself. The game is already out on Xbox One and PC, so look for Path of Exile to the Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam, if you can’t wait to play.
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