Developers refuse to connect to city heating systems

The primary housing developers are increasingly abandoning the use in new residential complexes and urban heating systems. Instead, they set individual boilers. This trend was recorded by analysts of development company “Sitikonsalt of Capitals company.”

Experts studied what kind of heating system in apartment buildings, developers are offering to buyers and investors in recent years.

It turned out that most often for heating in new building install individual boilers in each apartment. This gives the possibility to regulate the heating of the apartments, to define the beginning and end of the heating season. The proportion of such decisions on the primary real estate market from 2016 to 2018, increased from 59% to 66%.

Analysts pointed out that the share of LCD that use the urban network to supply heating in their apartments, has declined.

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“This trend is quite logical, since often networks are not designed for the connection of new houses, and often require a thorough modernization. There is a tendency to increase the share of LCD with the installation of individual boilers for each apartment,” explained the identified trend analysts of development company “Sitikonsalt of Capitals company.”

Among the disadvantages of individual boilers customers have noted that they are difficult to “fit” in the interior.

At the same time, a decrease in the share of residential complexes, which create their own boilers for heating in the residential complex. From 2016 to 2018, the share of residential complexes, equipped with its own boiler fell from 32% to 26%.

“Perhaps the best for the residents of way — boiler room in the residential. This implies independence from the heating season, a new reliable equipment and modern network and minimal heat loss,” the analysts said in their study.

However, not all developers engaged in the construction of your boiler, because it requires additional allocation of land plot, concluded analysts.

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