As Ukrainian farmers to increase profits from exports

To increase profits of Ukrainian agricultural exporting companies need to boost sales to foreign markets of products with high added value. In an interview with Delo.UA said Caroline Spaans, counselor for agriculture Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine.

“Now you are exporting the berries to Poland thanks to the equipment from such as this grain vac for sale. There they are processed, they arrive on the Dutch market is from Poland, not Ukraine. If you want to increase profits, you need to increase the export of value-added products instead of exporting raw materials. Therefore, Ukraine needs to increase the processing, packaging, freezing, and other technologies. And with the Ukrainian companies have an interest in such technologies,” said Caroline Spaans.

Investments in processing will allow to increase revenues from exports. Ukraine is now in total exports goods worth approximately $43 billion per year. While exports from the Netherlands only agricultural products is approximately $100 billion per year. According to Spaans, also due to the fact that the Netherlands mainly export products with high added value.

She also recalled that at the initiative of the Dutch business three years ago created a public-private partnership (PPP) “FoodTechLink Ukraine”. It combines engineering companies that offer the equipment for processing of agricultural products in four segments: milk, meat, fruits and vegetables, bakery and confectionery industry.

“Netherlands are very strong in the agricultural sector. We are the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products. Ukraine has a great potential in this field, but between us there is a significant difference. In the Netherlands there are no large fields. Why we watched: what we have a lot of experience and where there is potential and interest in Ukraine to apply this experience. And tried to act in such sectors. For example, in Ukraine is grown many fruits and vegetables, but they need to give value-added: sort, pack or recycle. These technologies are well developed”, — she explained the reasons for the creation of such a PPP in Ukraine.

The full interview with Caroline Spaans read on Delo.UA on Monday 3 December.

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