What coke imports to Ukraine from USA

According to administration of seaports of Ukraine (ASPU), in October 2018 has sharply increased handling of coke by imports, which were carried out at the berths located in the waters of sea trading port southern. If in January-September were imported only 61 thousand tons of this product, it was imported to 245 thousand tons.

Coke is mainly used in the production of iron in blast furnaces. Delo.UA decided to find out who and for what purpose imports the product to Ukraine? As it turned out, metallurgists, these supplies are irrelevant. What is the error

The press service of the largest potential consumers of this product and metals company “Metinvest” and “ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog” — said that they don’t import coke. “In October, imports were zero,” — said the journalist Delo.UA phone Anatoliy Starovoit, Director General of the Association “Ukrkoks”. He suggested that in the statistics of ASD may be an error, and actually imported coking coal, which is really not enough Ukrainian coke-chemical enterprises. As it turned out, the statistics do mistake, but different.

Source Delo.UA in the port industry said that the goods which are in the statistics of the administration of seaports called “coke”, went through power port operator TIS, and in fact it is not coke and not coal, and petroleum coke — petroleum coke was.

And his handling did the group of companies “TIS”. “In October our berths had been offloaded nearly 210 thousand tons of petroleum coke from the USA,” confirmed the press service of “TIS”. The company was reminded that this is not the first batch neftekams imported this year in Ukraine.

At the end of August of current year the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Borislav Birch first reported unloading berths tees ship with petroleum coke was, the recipient of which was named energy company “Donbassenergo”.

“In the private port of TIS in those moments, standing under unloading tanker SBI Bravo with 38 thousand tons of petroleum coke. Upon successful shipment of the first vessel possible new supply,” wrote the MP. Why the petroleum coke was needed in Ukraine?

After the termination of transport communication with the temporarily uncontrolled areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, in the thermal power sector of Ukraine there is a shortage of anthracite. Therefore, energy companies engaged in the reconstruction of thermal plants to use more common in the world of coal gas brands.

However, in several units of thermal power plants still use anthracite, which is lacking. And it can substitute for petroleum coke was. However, due to high sulphur levels (up to 7%, compared to 1-3% of the anthracite coal brands) this fuel must be mixed with a high-quality anthracite coal to reduce sulphur emissions.

Petroleum coke is a solid residue from the recycling of oil or oil products (residues thermal processing/oil refining: fuel oil, tars, etc.).

It is actually a waste, so they are much cheaper than anthracite. “The difference in quotes on a real anthracite and petroleum coke was reaches 37%,” — wrote in August Borislav Birch. But at the same time the petroleum coke was has a high calorific value when burning about 8000 calories in 1 kg fuel. Environmental issue

An expert in the field of ecology, who wished to remain anonymous, told Delo.UA that there are other restrictions on the use neftekams in the energy sector.

First, it has vanadium, which can have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, for the storage of products of combustion neftekams necessary to create certain conditions.

Second, in all power units provided by the combustion of specific fuels. And petroleum coke was not a design fuel of power units of Ukrainian stations. It is therefore necessary to amend the project documentation.

In the third, significant changes in the structure of fuel burned (for example, the emergence of new product) should be agreed with all stakeholders, from public hearings with the local community to the Ministries and departments. It takes time and resources.

But there is another view. “In Ukraine, usually no one draws any additional permits, if after mixing the fuel fits into the design parameters of the station. That is, if the total percentage of sulfur in the end, less than 2%. Similarly, did DTEK, which has delivered several shipments of coal grade G from USA with gray 3,3%-3,4%. We just have the regulator set the price of coal Rotterdam+, where sulfur less than 1%. But in reality, what is coal and where no one controls. In the end the consumer pays for more environmental, but in reality burn environmentally harmful”, says Andrey Gerus, head of the Association of consumers and energy utilities. Who is buying?

In the largest Ukrainian private power generating company “DTEK Energo” announced Delo.UA that they did not buy petroleum coke was, as thermal power companies have coal.

The buyer of the August batch of fuel was energy generating company “Donbassenergo”, which, most likely, and now deliver it through Black sea ports. At the time of publication of the article the company did not respond Delo.UA on the first results burning neftekams and future prospects of the use of this fuel.

In “Donbassenergo” in September, it was reported that the burning of petroleum coke will occur only in mixture with coal with a low sulphur content, and its content in the mixture will not exceed 1.9 per cent.

Also, the press-service of the company reported that “the additional volumes of fuel will be procured in accordance with the findings of the experimental burning of a mixture of “coal-petroleum coke was” Slavyanskaya TPP”.

Note that on 29 October 2018 the Supervisory Board of “Donbasenergo” has accepted the decision to approve the agreement on purchase “petroleum coke, not calcined” in the amount of 445 million UAH. This is the second such contract signed by the company in 2018. So, most likely, “Donbassenergo” is the largest recipient neftekams that goes to Ukraine from the USA.