Facebook launches a Watch Party to watch the video

Social network Facebook announced a full-fledged launch Watch Party — function for watching videos. It is available to all users and pages. Previously we tested this function in groups and individual accounts, according to TechCrunch.

Now any user or business page to post a Watch Party, invite for viewing of other users and work together to watch videos on Facebook. Pages and groups will also be able to plan this activity for the participants. In addition, the social network will give possibility to the owner of the page, which starts streaming at the same time to comment on videos in real time. How to use Watch Party

To start Watch Party, you need to click on the box create a post, select that option from the advanced options and follow the instructions network.

The user who conducts the session can pause the video, rewind it, add more videos to the TV queue, comment on it, to see who watches the video with him.

If the Watch Party is conducting the page, its the most involved fans will be notified it a push or a post in the feed.

Read more details on how to Watch Party here.

Earlier, Facebook announced app Lasso, in which you can create mini clips “with funny effects and share them with friends.”

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