“Black Arsenal” in Destiny 2: what to expect players from the additions and the new season

The developers told the players about the future of paid and free supplements.

The developers told the players about the future of paid and free supplements.

As promised, Bungie has released a documentary video in which he told the players about the future of paid and free add-ons for Destiny 2.
Free seasonal updates

Free seasonal updates, players will get additional content for Iron banner and Gambit, the new triumphs, events, and an increased level of power. With each new season, the threshold will increase by 50 points. Note that the new card and closed matches for the regime’s Gambit will only be available to owners of Destiny 2: Forsaken.
The content of the annual subscription

Gamers who fork out for an annual subscription, will receive new equipment and weapons, as well as access to raids and regimes. In the season of “the Forge” the players have to open the Black gun Arsenal, as well as to try out the new survival mode and participate in the RAID. “Outlander” will call out players in March, with the opening of additional assignments for a mode of Gambit. From June to August in Destiny 2 will be a secret season in which gamers will unravel the mysteries of the world game.


The first season kicks off, “the Forge,” which will begin on 4 December. Players will open three forges to create new weapons. The game will also be the likeness of Escalation Protocol called Forge. The main difference is that the developers have added a selection of players so you never have to assemble a team or wait for random detention at the location.

“Smithy” will also add a new weapon in Black’s Arsenal. For example, the sniper rifle “the Burden izanagi” is able to combine four cartridge in one, dealing increased damage, which kills with one shot to the body. In total, the game will be four new exotic gun and one of the first Destiny. The developers also promise to add more options for each weapon.

Bungie has also prepared a new RAID, which will be held at the location of the City. The players were already there during the story campaign, but this time the guards will visit a closed location that was under quarantine.

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