100 million tonnes of grain — agricultural breakthrough of Ukraine as the result of synergy manufacturers

Kernel company held all-Ukrainian conference AGRO PRO100, which gathered more than 700 farmers from all over Ukraine.

The strategic goal is to reach 100 million tons of harvest export crops, combined the progressive Ukrainian farmers during the AGRO PRO100 conference, held in the framework of the affiliate program Open kernel Agribusiness.

The conference PRO100 AGRO has become a platform to gain new practical knowledge and generation of ideas for representatives of agricultural sector of different levels and directions. At the event, participants learned about the latest technological solutions to increase productivity and profitability, global trends, experience of kernel, the use of precision agriculture technologies, listened to the world’s leading agroexpert. Thus, the present engineered steps for a common strategic goal — to increase the annual production of grains and oilseeds in Ukraine to 100 million tons and to raise the national economy to a qualitatively new level, developing the potential key supplier of agricultural products to the world market.

“We, farmers, are not competitors to each other. We and Ukraine as a whole today compete with the world. Our advantage is that we can supply the market with products of high quality and low cost. After all, what the market wants to consume and consume cheap. Therefore, any product that exports to Ukraine should be of high quality and inexpensive. The global trend to reduce the cost of production has created many new technologies and approaches successfully used by companies from around the world. Therefore low cost — the main idea of agribusiness in the world and our most competitive advantage,” said Evgeny Osipov, Director General of the kernel.

According to him, in agribusiness should be developed and contain all the shapes and sizes of production. The market needs to work small, medium and large companies. In building high-quality partnerships and the awareness of the value of each player is the philosophy of the draft Open kernel Agribusiness.

“We want the Ukrainian farmers grew more produce, reducing its cost. The example of countries such as Brazil and Argentina, shows that when farmers share information and knowledge, implement best practices, and the growth of productivity. That’s why we launched a multifunctional portal for business farmers, Agribusiness Open. This resource in real time, you can obtain the procurement price for grains and oilseeds, to establish the terms of a forward programme of kernel, to see the real results of the application of various technologies in the fields of Company and to decide on the appropriateness of its use in his field, to see the world’s leading agricultural practices”, — said Evgeny Osipov.

In the kernel believe that the principles of mutual openness, the company itself will rapidly develop.

“We are open for effective partnership and doing everything possible. In the framework of the project Open Agribusiness was put forward program, through which participants can receive a partial advance payment for supply of winter and spring grains and oilseeds. This will allow to modernize their production, to improve the technology of cultivation, to increase productivity. Now in the structure of sales of kernel 50% take it forward program. If last year the amount was $60 million, this year the company increases it to $80 million in addition, all participants of the forward program will have a unique opportunity to join the satellite monitoring system Cropio field. During the validity period of the forward contract partners kernel on a Pro Bono basis to monitor their crops and to compare them with fields of kernel and other producers in the same region,” — said Alexander Golovin, Director of procurement of grains and oilseeds kernel.

The theme of high technology and innovation continued at the conference the proposal to use electronic documents in interaction with partners. This will allow operation in convenient format with the use of electronic signatures, including in a mobile format for smart phones. To demonstrate advantages of the system during the conference, an agreement was signed with the partner kernel is the Director of Agrofirm “Dnepr” Leonid Lisinym.

The conference continued with performances by the world’s leading agroexpert on crop rotation, plant nutrition, control diseases. In particular, about new trends, technologies of cultivation and processing of sunflower and corn told Luis Carlos Alonso (Syngenta, Spain) and Anton Stadler (NU Agrar GmbH, Germany). Shared experience of struggle with the disease of sunflower Alberto Martin Sanz (Pioneer, Spain). On the successful fertilization of cultures in the kernel, the participants of the conference learned from Konstantin Chituku, head of the crop kernel. Ended the power plant performance Arcadia Longula, head of the research division of the kernel, which was marked by the system of research support production in the company, and presents the main results of testing of technology of cultivation of sunflower and corn in different regions.

How to effectively use technological advances in kernel, said the managers of Agribusiness companies. So the subject of implementation of high precision farming technologies revealed Eugene Spizhenko, head of modeling and monitoring the kernel. About new trends in the field of IT in agribusiness, the participants could learn from the speech of Alexander Hizhnyak, head of it projects Agribusiness kernel. In particular, Alexander has presented a project #DigitalAgriBusiness a comprehensive information management system of agricultural production that is a result of the development kernel in artificial intelligence and BigData. With the capabilities of the satellite monitoring system Cropio present acquainted Vitaly Andryushchenko, chief technologist of the service of crop kernel.

PRO100 AGRO conference gathered more than 700 farmers from all over Ukraine. A large part of the present (80 — 85%) are heads of agricultural enterprises and representatives of agricultural universities and industrial partners of the kernel. For attendees, the event has become a reference for the next steps in the development of their own agricultural production.

“We cooperate with the kernel since 2005. Last year our company participated in experiments to improve the efficiency of cultivation of sunflower. Participation in the conference PRO100 AGRO once again proved that we are moving in the right direction by using new technologies, which were described in their reports the speakers. We see for ourselves the result. Now we solve a question on connection and use of system Pricing. I hope the next conference will be able to share own experiences and knowledge” — says Oleg Shevchenko, Director of “Generous box”.

“Our partnership with kernel fairly close and fruitful. Visiting the conference, we had the opportunity to compare the production technology and are already working out some ideas for improving our existing. Plan to join the Open platform of Agribusiness in the near future. I believe such events are very relevant and useful for farmers of different levels, because although the performances are mainly based on the experience of large companies, information is communicated in an accessible language, so that it can be successfully used to significantly improve the productive activities of small and medium enterprises”, — says Vladimir Anolik, Executive Director of SOOO “VF Humanesque”.

In addition to receiving new knowledge, the participants had the opportunity to meet with partners and their modern kernel features by visiting booths in the Expo area of the conference. Among them — the company Smart Farming, the portal of data collection and analysis technique FieldView, the company Frendt, specializing in precision agriculture and automation of agribusiness. Also, useful information was provided by the representatives of Trimble, who works in the development of the positioning system according to signals of the satellite global navigation systems GPS, and is also engaged in the development and promotion of the surveying instruments. Presented the stands and the team “Teko trade” engaged in professional GPS monitoring and fuel control, and the meteorological station “Metos Ukraine”. In addition, among the partners participating in the event was attended by the company “agro gallop”, a startup that’s focused on improving the methods of measuring soil compaction, the operator of services of satellite monitoring of crops, Pricing, online service “Vkusno”, telecommunication company “Kyivstar”.

“Farmers understand that if you do not change approaches to work today, tomorrow the cost of production exceeds market price. This realization is a very strong motivator, including the introduction of new technologies. So, large companies have more resources and opportunities to experiment, test, improve technology, test what works, what doesn’t work. Therefore, for agricultural producer cooperation in this format, which offers kernel platform Open Agribusiness is a unique opportunity to obtain concentrated the results of laborious research work without needing to invest your time and money. I am sure that farmers will learn to work correctly with this information, will become Champions for productivity and profitability. Although we rarely participate in such events, the format is PRO100 AGRO, as an effective centre of expertise, we believe is unique not only for Ukraine. Consider further partnership in a given direction”, — says Andrey Andreychuk, Director of Pricing.

“If you evaluate the event on a 10-point scale, then I can safely put 10. With kernel we have been cooperating for more than three years, but as a partner of the Smart Farming conference speaks for the first time. And, as experience has shown, certainly not in recent times. It should be noted that today the Ukrainian farmer already has basic knowledge about precision farming technologies, their advantages and possibilities. Therefore, participants were more interested in the practical aspects — cost of conversion equipment, services, delivery, and analysis of data obtained with different instruments. If it used to be that precision farming is expensive, after such events, farmers are convinced that the cost of refurbishment can be recouped in one season. Moreover, the modern farmer has access to and can afford to buy though not new, but powerful enough equipment and even to convert your old tractor. Most importantly — this has prospects, and they are open to everyone for activities such as AGRO PRO100”, — said Victor Kovalenko, Director of marketing for Smart Farming.

“In 2014 we provide the kernel with a system of parallel driving, solutions for precision farming, including software. During the conference we were once again convinced that the company sets trends in the agriculture of the country, because after learning about the experience kernel, many participants came to our representatives with the question: “How can I do that?”. Their high activity and interest suggests that our agricultural sector is not standing still and has significant development potential. We, in turn, offer interesting technological solutions for farmers of all levels. About them and told the participants,” — says Vyacheslav Tretyak, regional sales Manager of Trimble.

The conference PRO100 AGRO has become a trusted communications platform for the meeting of partners-farmers from all over Ukraine, experienced experts kernel, as well as international experts on the best world practices in the sphere of crop production. In the short term, the kernel will further expand the communication coverage of Ukrainian agricultural producers as part of the affiliate program Open Agribusiness, providing support for open dialogue with partners and landowners.