Insight space probe successfully landed on Mars

Insight space probe successfully landed on Mars after a space travel of 480 million km. it is reported LIGA.Tech citing NASA.

The probe was launched from Earth on may 5 in the framework of the NASA Discovery program.

“NASA expedition using seismic investigations, knowledge of geodesy and heat supply (InSight) successfully landed on the red planet after a nearly seven-month journey of 300 million miles (458 million km) from Earth”, — is reported on the website NASA.

An apparatus for exploring underground environment of Mars, crossed the atmosphere of the red planet and landed on its surface research platform, equipped with the latest equipment.

The probe has executed a number of complex tasks during landing. The descent to the surface was performed using a complex multi-step procedure that slowed the velocity of the vehicle with more than 12 thousand miles an hour to 5 miles per hour. Then there was a strike on the planet’s surface.

The mission members could not observe the probe in real-time. Due to the delay of signal experts have found that did fit, only after its completion.

Another issue to probe Insight — dust storms that are now raging on Mars. Although NASA says that the probe is ready to these conditions. That will make the InSight probe on Mars

On the surface of Mars, InSight will remain immovable, to be able to measure the slightest fluctuations of the planet during the “maratrus”. For this, he uses the sound waves from these events — so he can figure out which elements is the planet.

Over the next two or three months, InSight will use a robotic arm to deploy its first two instruments: a seismometer and a small drilling rigs (self-hammering nail). The seismometer will “listen” for earthquakes, while the “nail” will drill almost 16 feet crust Platini to measure the internal temperature of Mars.

We will remind, in October of this year, NASA launched created with the participation of Ukrainian enterprises rocket Antares. As the Ambassador noted, the missile “is a successful example of cooperation between companies of the space industry of Ukraine and the United States” in the sphere of peaceful space exploration.

Previously, NASA has tested a parachute for Mars (video).

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