Research NASA probe landed on Mars on Monday

American InSight spacecraft, which launched on 5 may, 26 Nov should land on Mars. Mission to Mars is designed for 720 days. This is with reference to The Guardian writes The Babel.

The device will land near the Martian equator — Elysium plateau. With it, plan to study the tremors under the surface of the planet. And scientists plan to drill wells to a depth of about 5 meters to explore, as under the surface of Mars and apply heat what is the structure of its crust, mantle, and core.

As noted in the publication, NASA called the process of landing “seven minutes of terror” — that’s how much time it will take to land the ship. It is assumed that will be the audio feed entering the apparatus in the atmosphere of Mars.

The process is quite complicated: first, the unit will enter the planet’s atmosphere at an angle of 12 degrees, its speed will be about 20 thousand km per hour. In the first two minutes of its plan to reduce more than 10 times. At this time, the heat shield panel of the aircraft is heated to thousands of degrees Celsius. Then, at an altitude of about 16 km, the device will have to open up the parachute. Included 12 engines by which the speed of the machine will slow down until landing. And at the time of planting is critical that the engines immediately shut down. Otherwise the device will just turn over. After 10 minutes, InSight will send a message that he was all right.

We will remind, NASA has decided to send a new Rover to Mars in 2020 in the crater Lake. The Agency believes that the rocks in this crater, whose width reaches 50 km, could be preserved signs of ancient life on the red planet.

The previous name for the European Rover that will go to Mars in 2020, was announced the competition. While the Rover has a temporary name — ExoMars, but its creators hope that by the time of arrival at Mars six-wheeled Rover will be called interesting.

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