How businesses can minimize the risks of martial law media

In the period of martial law the economic activities of entrepreneurs should be done in normal mode, but can be entered separate orders of the competent authorities. League:the Law explained, that could take the business to the threat of possible martial law, given the fact that the volume of the taken measures is not yet known.

The publication notes that the practical experience in such actions Ukraine has not, however, the business can minimize risks.

Businesses are advised to clarify whether it related, even indirectly, to the Russian relations and possible in the activities of “force majeure”.

In addition, businesses need to have a plan of action in case of remote work and the blocking of accounts, even banks and assured that work in a regular mode.

According to the publication, entrepreneurs need to consider the possible mobilization of employees. As well as the risk that the transport, property, telecommunications equipment or other means of communication may be seized and confiscated for military purposes. Monitor this question will help products such as CONTR AGENT, SMS beacon, SMS-Land.

Martial law may provide for the closure of borders and a special regime of entry and exit that can affect the business. In addition, there may be a curfew, it also must be considered entrepreneurs.

Of doing business can be affected by such factors as the possible deployment of military units on the territory of the enterprises; the prohibition of trade not only weapons, chemicals, alcohol, etc.; a special regime for the production and sale of medicines; formation of the state material reserve.

In addition, the entire business related to media, may be controlled, the newspaper notes.

As noted by the League, the introduction of martial law can be some changes in the management of the enterprises, since the law provides for the possible dismissal of the top management of the business for improper (or supposedly inappropriate) performance of duties in the framework of martial law and the appointment of acting

We will remind, on November 26 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko by decree has put into effect the NSDC decision on the introduction of martial law for 60 days on whole territory of Ukraine. So the decree came into force, it should vote the Verkhovna Rada.

In addition to the decree, published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, detailed what rights of citizens would be limited if the Parliament will support martial law.

For the period of imposition of martial law may temporarily be limited the rights and freedoms of man stipulated in articles 30-34, 38, 39, 41-44 and 53 of the Constitution of Ukraine and enter into force the restrictions provided by article 8 of the law of Ukraine on the military situation.

Thus, it may be limited human right to inviolability of home (article 30), private life (article 32), the mystery of the telephone conversations (article 31), freedom of movement (article 33), freedom of thought and speech (article 34), the right of citizens to elect and be elected (article 38), right to peaceful Assembly (article 39) the right to dispose of his property (article 41), right to entrepreneurial activity (article 42), right to free choice activities (art. 43) and the right to strike (article 44), as well as the right to education (article 53)

Recall that the regime of martial law proposed to introduce after 25 September in the Kerch Strait in the Black sea border boats of the Russian FSB opened fire on the ships of Naval Forces of Ukraine.

As a result, according to the Navy, Russia seized three ships and wounded 6 of the Ukrainian military.

At the meeting of the Council of national security and defense chief of staff Victor Muzhenko said that the Ukrainian courts were 23 people, the fate of the sailors from the ships that were captured by Russian troops, Ukraine is unknown.

At meetings of the Board, President Petro Poroshenko asked Parliament to gather for extraordinary session of Parliament on Monday and to consider the decision on the introduction of martial law in Ukraine.

Also recall that the EU and NATO called on Russia to de-escalate the situation in the Kerch Strait.

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