Developed work order in the Internet for government agencies and state-owned companies

State service of special communication and information protection (Gosspetssvyazi) has prepared a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which reglamentary the order of access to the Internet for government agencies, institutions and organizations of state form of ownership. This is stated in the message on the Agency’s website, dated November 16, according to the LEAGUE.Tech.

“We call on heads of public institutions and enterprises of critical infrastructure of all forms of ownership to take necessary measures to improve protection of their information and telecommunications systems and information resources”, reported on the Agency’s website.

As specified, the order prepared in accordance with the approved of the national security Council and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on measures on cybersecurity.

The procedure involves the following: To ensure the functioning of their domains, the subscribers must use the server domain name system operator, telecommunications provider (or your own server domain name system) located on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The web site addresses and e-mail subscribers must respond to the names of their domains. Access to private web sites organized exclusively using the HTTPS Protocol. Subscribers must have Internet access through the secure access of government agencies to the Internet of State or through their own system secure access with proven compliance security, or through operators and providers of telecommunications which: protected nodes have access to global data networks with the created integrated information security systems with confirmed safety compliance; or have a document confirming the system compliance with information security management. To access the Internet, state agencies register a domain in the domain zone; other subscribers in the domain of the lower domain level .UA. All subscribers register their official email address on a mail server operators and providers of telecommunications or on your own mail servers located on the territory controlled by Ukraine. Do not connect to the Internet IT systems, which handle the service information and/or information that constitutes state secrets.

As reported on the website of Gosspetssvyazi, November 26, a meeting of the national security Council, which considered the issue of declaring the legal regime of martial law.

For adequate protection of Ukraine’s national interests in cyberspace and cyber defense of the critical infrastructure of the country, the State took measures to increase the state of readiness of its subsidiaries to perform assigned tasks.

In the case of threats, emergencies with signs of cyber attacks and cyber incidents are encouraged to contact the State center for cyber-security of State and government team computer emergency response emergency events of CERT-UA.

We will remind that earlier the State has already voiced demands for government agencies to connect to the Internet.

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