7 the real threats to humanity, in which all refuse to believe

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It is known that 99% of species that have ever lived on our planet became extinct. Probably people will not exist forever. New technologies give rise to new phenomena. They not only help humanity but EN masse and kill him. Once the starting point was the first person killed in a car accident or gunshot firearms. We don’t want to scare you, but as we would not want it otherwise, people often create what in the end destroys them. However, there are other scenarios of our future, which do not depend on us.


From nanotechnology there is a real potential to become the most important and revolutionary science of the XXI century. Intervention in matter at the atomic level can improve our lives and bring it to a new level, but, on the other hand, can lead to a global catastrophe. For example, with the help of nanotechnology can create new viruses and toxins, or new weapons that scale will be comparable with the invention of gunpowder or the atomic bomb. In this regard, it is easy to assume that in the near future, maybe even now, there are mass deaths from inventions created using nanotechnology.