Dancing, but without the hopak: the horror film “Suspiria”

“Suspiria”, but not the same

Luke Guadagnino film, a joint production of Italy and the United States, is a remake of the infinite and at the same time a tribute to the eponymous Italian ribbon Dario Argento 1977, which is considered one of the peaks of creativity of the classic Italian “terrible” movie.

Premiere of the new film took place in September of this year in competition at the Venice film festival. Before that, the Director showed the tape to Quentin Tarantino, who burst into tears while watching. Six (!) acts with an epilogue

Such an emotional reaction, of course, I want to explain the skill with which Luke Guadagnino draws the audience into the vortex of mysterious history. At the same time, we need to warn you that you will get in the funnel, not all. So, quite possibly, some tears will make the eyes not from an overabundance of feelings, but grief for lost in the cinema of the time.

After all, in contrast to the 98-minute original, the new “Suspiria” lasts a long 152 minutes. And this duration is not due to the abundance of entertainment attractions (such as “bloated” by the time Hollywood comics), but very measured pace of the narrative. His Bow Guadagnino divides into six acts, adding to them the epilogue and even the tiny scene after the credits, which look completely unnecessary. Dance, dance and dance some more

The film takes place in a dank Berlin in 1977, where American arrives Susie’s (Dakota Johnson) to go to the famous women’s school of dance, unimaginable way and survived the Nazi rule and the post-war storms. Just before her arrival, the lost ballerina Patricia (Chloe grace Moretz), who had problems, both with the mind and with the law. So Susie after listening to not just take in the troupe, but also to determine the lead missing.

Rehearsing dance numbers Guadagnino Luke pays close attention, stopping long “eye” of the camera on the motion of bodies and stage the interactions of the performers and the reactions that they elicit from class Tutors and, mainly, tonkonogij Madame Blanche (Tilda Swinton) that several fish looks at the world, letting go of ajar mouth smoke cigarettes. The pinnacle of horror

The only girl who dare to challenge the famous dancer and choreographer, is the Russian Olga (Elena Fokina), which accuses the leaders of the school to report the loss of Patricia, calling them witches and the Legion of loudly slamming doors.

You need to give Luka Guadagnino credit, he immediately confirms that these words are not a euphemism, but an objective assessment of the situation. And gives one of the most striking and at the same time creepy scenes of the painting, which materializes expressive “power of art” each movement of the dance Susie collective will of the witches leads to injury and injury to Olga, in another dance class. Traditional techniques of illusion

Unfortunately, in the future, “Suspiria” has returned to the track leisurely story, filled with the anticipation of action-Packed bursts, which are destined to come true is only after an hour and a half directly in the finals (he, by the way, wait, not all viewers of the commercial session, with whom I watched the movie).

Luke Guadagnino uses traditional techniques of creating illusion, confirming the dangerous nature of the magic events happening. By mounting it replaces one character in the frame others, showing the ability of witches to change disguises, separates sound and image, showing how the witches communicate with each other without opening the mouth, over and over again captures the reflections of characters in mirrors, anxiously nursing spectators camera movements, and writes for Susie nightmares filled with frightening images. Bloody spray

Fear and anxiety are justified — the witches are going to use SUSY in a terrible ritual, regularly affirming this decision a wry smile, predatory attitudes and pragmatic conversations.

In the end, the inevitability of a tragic outcome is so obvious that even traditional for horror films the night camping in a dark basement looking for the truth losing its edge, drowning in a swamp of fatalism.

To relieve the gloom of predetermination Luka Guadagnino possible only in the finals — thanks to (finally!) intensification of action and boldly expressive setting of the Sabbath. He settled in black and red colors, blending with wide streams of sacrificial blood, flood basement space, but most importantly, for the first time, turns the curve of a plot in an unknown direction, making the audience at least a little to wonder what is happening.

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Rajakota Dakota Johnson and three Tilda Swinton

Starring in “Suspiria” played by Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton, showing recognizable features of his acting talents.

Dakota Johnson also reveal a thick red braided braid. It is with outstanding craftsmanship keeps the mask relative serenity, sometimes smiling at the corners of the lips. Such a facial expression over and over again did not chime with what is happening, but from time to time it is possible to justify the origin of Susie, who grew up in an isolated Amish community.

Tilda Swinton, in turn, plays the “Suspiria” three roles already mentioned Madame Blanche, the elderly psychiatrist who groaned, trying to find out what happened with Patricia, his patient, and another witch entirely cobbled together from many kilograms expressive repulsive make-up.

A special artistic meaning in such multi-tasking is not. It allows you to Tilda Swinton once again to demonstrate their non-trivial talent, Luka Guadagnino to confess his love to the actress, and to relieve women’s space “Suspiria” from the actor in a significant role (despite the awful behavior of the witches in the artistic hierarchy, they are much above men, which is reflected in the narration role). Parallel history and politics

The presence of a parallel story of a psychiatrist who had difficulty walking on the wall divided cold war Berlin, is one of the factors stopping the development of the tape. A brake is also provided historical and political context, in fact, mythological events taking place at the ballet school.

However, numerous reports on the fight against the terrorist organization “red Army Faction” still have a utilitarian meaning. Depressive sadness which they cause, at least in part justifies the behavior of the characters, wandering despicable under the pouring rain without umbrellas, and even hats, as if oblivious to the inclement weather.

General painful frown “Suspiria” rather seasick and sleepy than creates terrible tension typical of the genre. And even dance, which is so closely watching Luke Guadagnino, the situation is saved, not really. Still in Berlin’s famous school of learning is not the fiery hopak.

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