Diablo 4 is being developed in 2014, and the first version was reminiscent of Dark Souls

The source suggests that gamers should expect the sequel not before 2020.

The source suggests that gamers should expect the sequel not before 2020.

Blizzard never announced the sequel to Diablo, but fans should not worry, because the Studio is already working on the fourth part of the series.
What is known

Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier spoke with 11 staff members, “Metelitsa”, which confirmed that the forges of Blizzard Diablo forged 4. The project is being developed under the code name of Fenris, and the developers plan to make the game darker and more social. According to employees, the new Diablo will appear Central location, like in Destiny, where players can communicate with each other.

Source Schreier also said details about the development of the game. According to anonymous inside the Studio 4 Diablo called the codename Hades. The creation of the game began in 2014. The project’s concept was constantly changing, and in the end, developers get the third-person shooter, which smacks of Dark Souls. In 2016, the project was canceled, and about the same time, the Studio left Josh Mosqueira, game Director of Diablo III.

Now Blizzard resumed work on Diablo 4, but the project is at an early stage of development. The team returned to the isometric camera from the top view, but to release plans can change. The source suggests that gamers should wait for Diablo 4 not before 2020.
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