What countries buy frozen fish from Ukraine

Since the beginning of the 2018 year, Ukraine exported 454 tons of frozen fish worth more than $1 million according to the State Agency of fisheries of Ukraine.

Most frozen fish bought Moldova — 112 t $196 thousand, Germany — 103 $334 thousand, Hungary — 77 t $194 thousand, Azerbaijan — 62 t $94 More than 20 thousand tons were exported to Romania, Georgia and Belarus.

The Agency noted that delivery in 2018 21% more than the same period in 2017, when exported 375 tonnes of $608 thousand In cash the difference amounted to 66.5%. In 2017, the leader in the export of fish was Belarus (150 MT to $196 thousand).

In January-September 2018 was exported trout (54 tons at $259 million), carp (29 t to $84 million), herring (11.6 MT at $13 million) and other frozen fish (319 tons of $534 thousand).

We will remind, Moldova is the main buyer and live fish from Ukraine. It accounts for 99,22% of all deliveries in monetary terms.

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