Nomad and Kaid in action: watch the gameplay additions of Wind Bastion for Rainbow Six Siege

Developers Operation Wind Bastion added the map “Fortress”, which was made two floors with outlets for the operation.

Developers Operation Wind Bastion added the map “Fortress”, which was made two floors with outlets for the operation.

Ubisoft held the final of the Pro League Finals for Rainbow Six Siege and showed gamers how the new operatives of the complement Operation Wind Bastion behave on the battlefield.

Nomad girl wears medium armor and uses in battle Airjab device that repels enemy energy shot. The device shoots some bomb-Velcro, which is attached to the surface and triggers when the enemy is near. In addition, the shell can immediately shoot at the enemy, knocking him off his feet, but be careful, because in this case the wave can touch and ally.

Remember that Airjab does damage, but the same Clash falls to the ground and removes his shield behind his back. To resist Airjab can Jager with its reflectivity grenades.

Kaid also wears heavy armor and uses against enemies Rtila, a device that electrifies metal objects within range. One such shell can be powered a few items, but only if they are in range of the device. Besides, Kaid can strengthen Rtila even to a hatch in the ceiling.

To resist the device Kaid will be able IQ, EMP grenade Thatcher and shock-bot Twitch. Besides timely installation will help to interrupt the action Hibana, but if Thermite will have time to use thermoseal, Rtila be included in no time.

Developers Operation Wind Bastion map called “Fortress” and did two floors with outlets for the operation. The location is full of stairs on the outside and on the roof you can climb using the rope with almost any side of the building. Also in the Fortress there are towers with the transition to the second floor where are able to get only the attacker.

If you are interested in the game’s universe, you should know that Strength — training complex and the home of the operative Kaid, who taught the skill of Nomad.

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