The competition was awarded the entrepreneurs with the strongest genome stability — a photo essay

Get Business 2018 Festival – a big festival for a small business, held at the NSC “Olympic” in Kiev was held the rewarding of winners of competition BECAME. 25 companies received awards for first place and victory in the special nominations were received by 25 companies and 15 entrepreneurs were awarded special diplomas.

Link to case studies of the winners. Inspirational figures of the contest was 150 applications for participation 17 categories of business 111 participants 15 projects that took first place in its category 10 projects that received special nomination 15 projects that received special diplomas

Video Anastasiya Korzhenko

Photo: Alena Vladyko, Emma Soldatova The winners of the competition BECAME 1st place in the category

Okta energy. Transport

The production of charging stations, which makes OCTA-energy, 100% is happening in Ukraine, Ukrainian components is 40%. Patented own design.

Tree Jerelo Chestnut. Energy

The company Jerelo has developed Energomera “SmartCityTree Chestnut” — a standalone device for charging gadgets with original design, producing energy through the sun, which will make parks to be brighter and smarter.

Ecodreamhouse. Construction

“If we build a house out of aerated concrete and to insulate them with foam, then the future of our planet, no,” said Alexander Shevchenko, the founder of the company Ecodreamhouse producing environmentally friendly panels made of straw and reeds for the construction of affordable housing at the company invented its own technology.

Fertile farm. Farm, food

In three years Sergey Marchuk was able to bring the family berry farm in the Fertile zero. Plans to export fresh and frozen berries, and in 2019 to create a cooperative that will bring together small producers of organic berries.

Fast. Intelligent solutions

“Our value is fun and practicality. To have fun and work with your hands,” says Fyodor Serdyuk, founder of Fast company, which trains people to provide first aid, which gives a chance to save the life and health of the person before arrival of physicians. Employees of corporations, trained, used the skills including to save the life of the members of the community.

DeLaMark. Health and beauty

“It’s all crazy or what — she just creates magic” — Alex Verenikin, founder DeLaMark — the first in Ukraine certified manufacturing company ekoturov household chemicals, speaks about the heroine of “Office romance”, on his main technologist. The team he considers the main achievement of the company. The company’s products consists of 99% natural ingredients.

Vegano Hooligano. Restaurants, catering

Name Vegano Hooligano Rudolf Krajewski came up with meditating. Just like that, without an advertising Agency, without the cost of name — brand was born, which became one of the leaders of Ukrainian street food. And the flagship of the Ukrainian of the vegan movement Today vegan cafes and restaurants Vegano Hooligano Family — the flagship of the Ukrainian vegan movement. Two restaurants in Kyiv, a franchise in Ivano-Frankivsk and Odessa, gastronomy festival Kyiv Vegan Boom, online shop, delivery and catering. And continues to scale. In the nearest plans – offline-store with vegan products from Ukrainian manufacturers and access to retail under the brand name Vegano Hooligano.

Ozero. Retail, shopping venues

Anastasia Martynenko and Anna Pantarchy brought my passion for the concept of conscious consumption zero waste in business — open online store OZERO, where you can buy eco-friendly household items.

Devohome. Clothing, shoes, accessories

Hemp brand DevoHome makes blankets, quilts, clothes and shoes made of hypoallergenic natural materials. Saw the market. Last year the Creator of the brand Oksana Devo pridumal how to make hemp fur, as opposed to artificial, is biodegradable and colaborarii designer Fedor Vozianov have been made created collection neobychnyh hemp fur.

PAGL. Games, entertainment, events

“Why do we call these cubes PAGL? It’s simple: it’s short for “Paperova Clay” — “PAP”, because with their help children can “sculpt” practically any structure — from a small house to a huge tower — all that enough imagination,” explains Denis Okhrimenko, founder of PAGL.

The material from which the blocks are made, are absolutely harmless: is pulp and food coloring. “On one of the shows I was approached by a young man and rather sarcastically asked: “what would happen if the cube to eat?”. I took it and ate it. As you can see, still alive,” laughs Dennis.

Gorchivi dim. Social entrepreneurship

Dwellers of Comus dopomogty, is not required Kucinich proektu. Dostatno dati mozliwosci specific bezpritulnogo postijno pracovat”, — said Yuri Lopatinsky, founder of the social enterprise “Gorchivi dim”, his ten year old sushestvovanie proved that social entrepreneurship is not a myth.

The bakery gives the possible existence of a Center of integral care for women in crisis situations. They bake there cookies. The income from catering and café.

Workshop of veselih elfv. For the house and office

Cherkasy volunteers figured out how to earn for charity: they have two years to sew toys, to help children who need support.

Join forces. IT solutions

Join forces startup has developed the technology, your 3D printer, green powder and started to print complex design accessories factory in Odessa. And now the Ukrainians are beginning to print on a 3D printer bones.

The eco-resort IZKI. Tourism, hotels

The owner of the eco-resort IZKI Andrey Boyko believes that the infrastructure has NO value in itself, it aims to show visitors the beauty of nature and opportunities of the area. And its own farm, apiary, dairy and bakery allow zadovoljniji consumer guests.

A green box. The collection and recycling of waste

“In Lviv trival smth crisis, need Bulo shukati much rsena, I dated one of them taqiy CCB format”, —said Ilya Petryk, administrator of the enterprise “green box”. The organizers call their project provolotsky, that is, pay only some work, the other free to perform the Lvov (mostly students), for whom the idea of clearing the city of debris was close. Obladateli Of Spacemenace

Paneveggio. Farm, food

“For the desire to give joy to “children of asphalt” from the work on the ground, creates shared values of peaceful life.”

After returning from the front in March 2015, a veteran of the ATO Nicholas Stetskiv, a father of five children, decided to create their own business. Having founded near the city farm on 10 acres, he for three years has increased its size to nine times. Plans to develop agro-tourism, which will contribute to the creation of new jobs for local residents.

Modular House. Construction

For what has made possible the rapid construction of natural modular homes.

When the war began, the builders Alexander Lavrenchuk and Nonna Davydenko built a sturdy stone house, but the orders became smaller. And then came the idea to make modules with basalt and flax insulation, which are quickly going home for a budget price, the same price of the car. So a company Building Modular.

Promprylad.Renovation. Impact investments

For supremacy in the scale of collaborations — an impact-investment project. Poukrainski trendsetter.

In Ivano-Frankivsk Yuri Filuk and his team implements the project “Promprylad.Renovation”. $ 25 million for transformatio huge industrial zone they intend to as impact investment, involving hundreds of people. It is unique for Ukraine.

Rodynnyi welfare. Farm, food

For what prove that co-creation and crowdsoursing important new phenomenon.

What happens if investors, farmers and consumers cooperate? How successful can such a business model, demonstrates the cooperative “Rodynnyi Dobrobut”, where they grow organic vegetables and herbs, produce goats cheese and dairy products.

The power of the village. Tourism, hotels

For the creation of a tourist industry based on the cooperation of the villagers and profitable both for tourists and for a small country.

The creation of the region on the basis of cooperation sustainable-tourism business, generating funds that are directed towards the solution of social and infrastructure problems of the village.

 NaukRoom. Intelligent solutions

For the return of the science of popularity. In word and deed. For the long haul.

The project NaukRoom plans, speaking a kind of an HR Agency, to acquaint businesses with the scientists and help create shared projects.

Good Bread from Good People. Social entrepreneurship

Social bakery Good bread from Good People working people with disabilities — bake cupcakes and bring them to customers. “As a medical educator, I regularly led groups of 6-7 children, including children with special needs. At some point I wanted to make life easier for people with disabilities, to socialize them,” — says the founder of bakeries Vladislav Malashenko.

No Waste Service. The collection and recycling of waste

For model making waste management simple and cost effective. Not only in industrial scale.

The team Waste No Service intends to build a transparent business sorting waste in Ukrainian cities and to direct the received profit to projects for the community.

Laugav. Social entrepreneurship

For zookazoo, which can contribute to the salvation of the world.

Creating a mass-market, highly profitable product ( “Dog restroom” and biodegradable bags to clean up after their dogs), which promotes the social aspect via the main interest of dog owners to be a beautiful owners.

Our House Volnovaha. Smart city

For the inspiring example of responsibility in the conduct of business in the complex region.

Social enterprise “Our Home is Ukraine” significantly increased the number of repairs in the city, sponsoring the world Champions of Greco-Roman wrestling and dreams of a garbage-disposal technique. Holders Spaceplanes

Clean Clan

Pioneers in the Ecohygiene shoes and business model, producing the formation of an unlimited number of allies and followers.

The first in Ukraine professional cleaning sneakers with the use of environmental funds.

SIL I perezi

For sustainable-catering-the food and surroundings that delight not only the feast, but also nature.

Sustainable-catering, organization catering.

RCR Khomenko

For Upcycling and the ability to look especially beautiful, not overpaying.

Upcycling Upcycling project — women’s clothing made from used materials.

The law office “I Sergv partners”

Because of the ongoing fighting corruption forces ex-soldiers.

Legal aid without corruption. All of our attorneys are veterans of the ATO.

Serovera Of Safronovich

For creativity in the development of the assortment of flavors, shapes and a desire to surprise and capture Mirolubov.

Production of cheese on a mini farm featuring original recipes. 40% of raw materials are allocated to experiments, in the range of more than 14 types of cheese.


The growth point, or Again.

Production of Souvenirs made of plywood by laser cutting. Most of the team — settlers from the ATO zone.

My Andtelier

The point of growth, or re –

In the Studio working migrants from the East of Ukraine. Here you can sew, repair things or buy ready.


The growth point, or Again.

Recreation center with solar station and home cooking. There are immigrants from Donbass.

Veg couture

New sound of the word “farm” and farming from 3D parts quickly and affordably.

The development of 3D printing technologies for the mass market, including launching a line of food 3D printers.

Milk and the City

For freedom and give confidence to nursing mothers.

Create stylish accessories for breastfeeding moms to help the city.


For what did the clay is fashionable and promising.

Clay plaster, paint and construction sheets GlinKo, houses of straw panels.

Cattell. FuelWell

For every motorist, using innovative the company’s decision to award themselves the status of ecotourisme.

Device to reduce emissions by 30-60% and fuel consumption by 30%.


For a strong future strong organic nuts.

Certified grafted seedlings of walnut planting walnut orchards.

Farm 3D LLC

New sound of the word “farm” and farming from 3D parts quickly and affordably.

The development of 3D printing technologies for the mass market, including launching a line of food 3D printers.

Mobile Car

The first electric car-sharing service in the country.

Innovative services, based on ecoconception — rental of electric vehicles using a mobile application.