How to successfully develop your YouTube channel — tips Anna GRES

First of all, I position myself as an actress comic Studio “Muahahahaa”, which developed a social network. In Instagram I have something to write, recommend and with someone to fight, defending their position, therefore, is considered a blogger. But there’s also a YouTube channel. Here I take off and spread in free time videos about travel and entertaining videos. Blogging for me is a Supplement, not my main activity. This is my hobby.

I started a YouTube channel to become the leader of thought in addition to acting. I wanted to show the audience the show “was Muahahahaa” behind the scenes, to tell more about yourself. Yes, in principle, to preserve the memories in video format for the grandchildren. It all started with a boring video, where the girl ate a salad

My history with YouTube channel began in an unusual way: one day I was sewing a swimsuit, and included the background of some boring vlog on Youtube. It was 30 thousand views. The girl in the video just ate a salad. And then I thought “if it looks, maybe will look at you and me? I somehow have a story to tell and something to share!”.

The first video I have not been able to remove, all was not any special occasion and super idea. Shift in the question happened when I signed the modeling contract for two months in China. So there was a series of videos with the hashtag #Anawana — daily vlog about life of a model in China. I photographed it below: On your example to show that if you have a head on your shoulders and you carefully read the contract, that foreign modeling is not so terrible; Not reply to everyone a million questions: “How are you? You did not steal? Enslaved didn’t sell?”; You can get it all back and remember how it was.   The most positive blogger

Before I am very involved in script development and video editing. Now there is a boy who helps me with technical issues. By the way, “the Most positive blogger” I came up with thanks to its subscribers. So one day I called — I wrote in the comments that my videos are always uplifting. I liked it, and I decided that this would be my positioning.

I subscribed to many YouTube-channel — UFO TV, for example — there is a cool video. I watch the channel “Wdud” Jurassic Dude — here is an interesting interview and such interesting people. Like to watch vlogs Nadia Dorofeeva, with her husband (Roma Grischuk — the head of Studio “has Muahahahaha” — approx. ed.) look, “What? Where? When?”. But, I do not imitate anyone, and anyone not trying to be like. You have to be yourself.

I don’t have any particular format. I position myself so: Anna GRES is a versatile person, who enhances the mood with their video (smiles). Is — actress-blonde, who loves to travel and wants to share his emotions.

By the way, in the video, I almost don’t advertise my personal life. Roma only show up in travel and then at a minimum. So vlogs from filming “Muahahahaha”. Not anymore. Video I shoot primarily for myself

In their video I’m not focused on the target audience, so you don’t have to adjust to someone. My approach is to work with a YouTube channel is this: I shoot what I like and what interests me. So people, if they are interested, they will subscribe and will watch. I don’t do “something” for “someone.” I shoot video primarily for myself. And this format allowed me to gain more than 55 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

By the way, advertisers after creating the channel began to write almost immediately. But my YouTube channel is almost no advertising. Since this number of subscribers (55 thousand) is difficult to get more profit from cooperation, and to make a video on YouTube costs a lot of time and effort. So it’s so much easier and faster to write a post on his page on Instagram (page Anna GRES in Instagram signed by more than 60 thousand people — approx. ed.).

My criteria for cooperation with advertisers is simple: I do not advertise the fact that I don’t like purely for money. I have principles, and they are dear to me. So I’m not going to “feed” their audience some base g**. I respect them and yourself. Potocki is good, but the video more interesting to watch

One more vital issue for all bloggers — it’s having haters in YouTube and Instagram. I have, of course, too. But very few of them, and it pleases. Before, I was very upset when I read some nasty things. But then I realized that I should not be interested in the opinion of the people (often minors) that have nothing in their lives is not achieved. But for constructive criticism I’m always open. If people write something with knowledge of the case, I am very grateful to them.

I now have available two platforms to communicate with people is Instagram and Youtube. I think the future of Youtube. Potocki is good, but the video more interesting to watch.

Plans for development of the channel a lot: the first is to pull yourself up and continue to develop it. At least, I want to get the silver button for 100 thousand subscribers. I’m already half way gone, we’re almost there!