Developers-individuals who have large momentum, waiting for check tax

Today there are two and a half thousand of entrepreneurs-individuals who have built and sold about 3.5 million sq m of housing. More than 12 thousand objects, in which more than 40 thousand apartments. 88 individuals were the owners of 50 or more objects, said of Mr. Bambiza.

As an example, he called the family business developers working under Kiev for several years. Ownership of the family at different times there were over three thousand objects of real estate. 1 763 facilities have already been implemented, the income from sales exceeded 1.5 billion.

Positioning itself as developer-natural persons, such market operators are moving away from proper state control over the progress of construction, shall not be liable to the city authorities, as if to build a company-a legal entity — subject of entrepreneurial activities. Which in turn means: they are unable to guarantee the customers housing, built in compliance with building regulations, says the taxman.

In addition, these developers are essentially optimize tax liabilities. The volume of taxes paid by an individual and a construction company have almost ten times.

An individual that builds housing for their own needs, in case of sale of property rights, or of commissioned housing pays state income tax on individuals (5%) and military tax (1.5 percent). While the legal entity — the company-the Builder should pay the profit tax (18%), single social contribution (22%) and VAT (20%).

Now the GFS is starting the verification of this category of developers, said of Mr. Bambiza.