When China will have a chain 6G

Mobile network the sixth generation 6G may appear in 2030. Such terms recently outlined by the head of the working group on the development and implementation of 5G communication of the Ministry of industry and information technology of PRC (MIIT) Xu Xin, reports ITCua with reference to Gizchina.

According to Xu Xina, concept development technology 6G was launched earlier this year. Beyond China, work in this direction led by the USA, EU countries and Russia.

He said that will change with the advent of cellular technology the new generation.

Thus, it is expected that with the advent of networking 6G maximum capacity will be 20 Gbps, declared for 5G, up to an impressive 1 Gbps. that is, theoretically, the data transfer speed will increase up to 50 times.

Another interesting detail — the network 6G can provide coverage not only on land but also under water.

It is worth noting that 2030 is the most optimistic forecast. That is likely the first commercial network 6G will appear later.

Recall that in 2019 it is expected the mass commercialization of 5G in parallel with the launch worldwide of their respective mobile networks and the arrival on the market of smartphones with support of standards of new generation.

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