The Ministry of education reminded the students without ID cards cannot be registered for the EIT

The Ministry of education reminded the students about the design of the ID card to register for external independent testing (EIT). This was reported on the website of the Department.

The education Ministry has reminded that the students have reached the age of 14 years, shall promptly issue ІD card because it is a document that certifies the identity and birth certificate — no. A copy of the passport included in the package of documents for registration in the VNO. In addition, the passport, is required for the tolerances in the testing.

As recalled in the Department, now the passport is issued to persons who have reached 14 years of age, this adminlog is free. For registration ІD card need not later than a month after reaching the age of 14 to refer to the territorial division of the State migration service or administrative services.

The Ministry stressed that to do with birth certificates only for students, who on 1 may 2019’re 14 years old.

Recall that in 2019, the registration for testing will begin on February 5th. The evaluation will take place from 21 may to 13 June.

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