Road-show for IT: the top 5 events, where to go for Dating and investment

Profile events is an effective method to declare the project, make the necessary acquaintances and bring inward investment. But the event you need to choose and then prepare for it. We studied 7 of the top conferences in the IT industry and asked their participants about how to get from the trip. We also researched on a software for virtual healthcare events to see how different or similar it was with the softwares they use in the IT industry.

TechCrunch Disrupt

Cult TechCrunch Disrupt attracted the attention of start-UPS, investors, established companies and fans of technology. Includes the speech of speakers, startups and hackathon. The conference is held several times a year in the United States and Europe. The most popular event at TechCrunch Disrupt SF in San Francisco.

In his time on the stage of Disrupt by the President of the startup incubator Y Combinator’s Sam Altman, venture capitalist Peter Thiel, founder and CEO of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg, the Creator of Ethereum cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk and other celebrities of the world of technology.

TechCrunch Disrupt is a great way to “light up” in public and to find an investor, plan and conduct meetings, to get feedback. But it is worth considering that the conference has become a kind of “sorting machine” for startups. It is difficult to surprise, and the jury, investors, and partners.

For business and networking is to attend TC Disrupt After Party and other parties and receptions that take place in the conference.

“I love TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco for great content and new discoveries. Disrupt lead managers of startups. At the event gather founders of innovative businesses, leading investors — excellent company, to find opportunities for development. To see several hundred start-UPS in three days is a serious challenge even for the seasoned venture investor.

“There are going to the clearest speakers this year, among them Doug Leone (Sequora), Reid Hoffman (Greylock Partners), Ben Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz), Eric Ries (LTSE), David Hornik (August Capital) and hundreds of others. They are all founders of successful startups, who share their knowledge, experience and show others that you can succeed, the main thing — perseverance and willingness to do something new, be a pioneer. TechCrunch Disrupt opens his eyes, gives a powerful slice of American and global IT systems. By the way, here you can find and Ukrainian companies. This year they were few, but the following should be more is our goal.

In order for the event turned out to be productive, to prepare for it in advance need to study agenda, to know who are the potential partners or investors will be at the event to meet. It is best to outline one meeting point and meet up with sets. So you can save time. Works train! And most importantly — comfortable shoes. Without it on such a big event can’t do” — advises the managing partner of TA Ventures Fund Victoria Tigipko.

Where and when: Berlin Disrupt 2018— November 29-30 2018, Berlin, Germany; TechCrunch Disrupt SF— 2-4 October 2019, San Francisco, USA.

CES (Las Vegas)

Consumer Electronics Show — the largest exhibition of consumer electronics in the world. Last year, CES was attended by 182 000 people. Ukrainian companies and startups is not the first to use it as a platform for business linkages.

The public CES extremely high level. The same applies to development that it represents. Because the project who is trying to find here investors or partners, you can advise only one thing — stand out. On the background of the new solutions in the industry of robotics or VR is easy to get lost. Because I have to try to attract attention to your company and product.

“CES is the largest exhibition of consumer technology in the world that simply can not miss ardorny startup.

According to my own experience, I can say that with proper preparation and dedication in the maximum period of the exhibition brand, each startup has the opportunity to assert themselves in the global media, find reliable partners and to negotiate with distributors about deliveries of the product worldwide.

This year Concepter together with the UVCA with the support of WNISEF organized the Ukrainian pavilion at Eureka Park, CES. Now comes the process of selection of startups and very soon we will show the world the 8 best Ukrainian products”, — says co-founder and COO Concepter Oleg Malenkov.

(On October 11 Hardware Day: Proving Ground for Breakthrough Technologies called the participants of the CES-2019, review was previously recorded. — Ed.)

When and where: January 8-11, 2019 Las Vegas, United States.

NOAH Conference

The NOAH conference is known to a responsible attitude to the organization and speakers. The event is regularly visited top executives, investors, startup founders and other opinion leaders to present their cases and insights, to talk about the achievements.

For people who want to establish business relations required the presence at the conference from 16:00. At this time companies begin to treat visitors beverages (including alcohol), the dialogue has noticeably come to life and become more productive.

“Lalafo he participated in the NOAH Conference. The main conclusion is a formal event meant to unite capital and startups, it is not surrounded by festivals or exhibitions. There you can find the most relevant experience, not random people.

In 2017, we won the NOAH Startup Competition in Berlin. Got a lot of attention at the conference, and later we have included in the newsletter and database, started the second wave. My LinkedIn exploded. We wrote to the investors with whom we spent two years trying to make contact.

To go to the NOAH Conference is for those who want to raise investment and work in Europe. Most useful for these purposes we think the conference in Berlin: it’s about entrepreneurs, startups and investment. In London more talking about service providers.

For those who are going to go, there are three Council. First — try to speak. Any statement gives a lot of attention. And do show. We were “talking black box”, and he is remembered by many. Second — call meetings, you should begin in two weeks. Accidentally to meet you, of course, possible, but I wouldn’t count on it. Third — try to get to the closed dinner. There are usually 30-40 people, very cool. This is a special format, you can get there by invitation or as a “plus one” with someone they know”, says co-founder AI-marketplace Lalafo Anna Polishchuk.

Where and when: NOAH19 Tel Aviv — April 9-10, 2019, tel Aviv, Israel; NOAH19 Berlin — June 13-14 2019, Berlin, Germany.

IT Arena (Lviv)

One of the largest IT conferences in Eastern Europe. Annually it is visited by several thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, executives, journalists, startup founders, as well as just tech lovers.

In addition to the speakers, the audience expects competition Startup Competition. Their projects will present dozens of European and Ukrainian startups. And will be acquainted with the latest technological achievements at the exhibition Startup Alley.

To make connections in the IT Arena, need training. Participants need to be able to succinctly tell us about the project, its achievements and strengths. The chances of success will increase if in advance to arrange meetings at the event.

“The IT Arena is one of the biggest profile events not only in Ukraine, but also on a global scale. The organizers brought in speakers from around the world. This year I also went to a conference. Heard from other members rave reviews about strong English language content, share this opinion.

Aside from the obvious, can you give me advice to try to get to the closed dinners and parties with speakers and guests — usually there is the most interesting. For example, this time I got to the dinner, where the founders of the Taxify, Concepter, Readdle, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Template Monster, Single Grain, Fingrprint, Notejoy. Such dinners are held constant, and there is nothing stopping a startup in partnership with someone to hold a similar event.

Due to the fact that a small town, all after the conference converge in the same place in a relaxed atmosphere where you can continue networking,” — said the CEO and founder of Tech PR Agency WORD of Jaroslava Novosilka.

Where and when: September 27-29, 2019, Lviv, Ukraine


Europe’s largest conference for startups in the early stages, investors and corporate leaders. You can get there by invitation only. The atmosphere there reigns a specific, very informal.

PIRATE Summit is focused on startups and investors often come here to see the projects. The most important goal for startups at this conference — the networking. If you can be quick and affordable to talk about the goals and achievements of the project, you can get mentors, investors or partners.

An important ritual PIRATE Summit — “the burning of a pirate” and a party with free alcohol. This allows the participants to get acquainted and on the second day of the event fruitful work on forming business connections.

“Pirate Summit — the meeting place of the most progressive investors and savvy startups from all over Europe to communicate in a very non-standard and at the same time homely and very strange environment. It felt like the organizers carefully selected participants: you almost immediately after meeting with someone there is a feeling that you know for a long time. For me it is a place full of sincere people who are doing for the good. There is to go to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere with investors, startups and “corporate” from Europe.

To participate in the selection for Pirate Summit startup of any country simply apply online. If the organizers have any questions about a startup, they turn to the ambassadors of the respective countries to confirm this or that information. Also on the event can be accessed as an ordinary participant, the level of access to investors will be almost the same.

To prepare for the event is to study the list of participants and try to assign as many meetings and as early as possible. To expect from the event is worth the drive and crazy party,” says co-organizer Silicon Drinkabout Kiev, Scal8R CEO, and Ambassador PIRATE Summit in Ukraine Igor Ovcharenko.

Igor also shared the story about how he was invited to become the Ambassador of the event: “I am familiar with Til Orman (host) 2012 the first of the year, with Ben Backroom from 2016. At the time, I told the guys as we Seedstars build a network of ambassadors, and as soon as they launched the program, it immediately offered me the role. The role of Ambassador Startup Safari was on top”.

Where and when: 2-3 July 2019, Cologne, Germany.

The conferences should be treated as part of the work, and for many this becomes the most enjoyable and addictive. Before traveling you should set clear objectives. The conference should be active, but not annoying. But even if you are not prepared or things didn’t go according to plan, this does not mean that the benefits will be. Improvise. In the end, quick response to changing circumstances is one of the key skills IT Manager and entrepreneur.

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