In Kiev, temporarily stopped the movement of the funicular — “Kyivpastrans”

The motion of the funicular in Kyiv was closed for technical reasons on Sunday from 14.30, the press service of Kyiv city state administration with reference to the results KP “Kyivpastrans.”

“On the restoration of movement will be informed additionally. The company refers to passengers with a request to consider this during planning of routes”, — stated in the message.

Kiev funicular was opened in 1905 and joined the shortest path of two major areas of the city: the Upper Town and Hem. Its length is 222 m, the height difference between stations is 75 m, served by 2 passenger cars with a capacity of 100 people (including 30 seated). Every year the cable car carries up to 3 million passengers, while its maximum capacity is 4 thousand passengers per hour.

In 1928, 1958 and 1984 funicular three times was subjected to radical reconstruction. In recent years, every summer or autumn it is closed for routine maintenance, testing and inspection. In particular, in 2018, it was closed for renovations from 17 July to 23 August.

We will remind, Shuliavska the bridge will be demolished in January — KSCA

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