Vogue editor-in-UA Sushko dismissed

Olga Sushko after the scandals with plagiarism leaves a glossy Vogue magazine.

“November 9 Olga Sushko stepping down as editor-in-chief of Vogue UA. Before the new appointment, the duties of the editor will execute the publisher of Vogue UA Elena Chernova”, — is told in the message of LLC “Media group Ukraine”.

Recall that in late October it became clear that the issue of “Vogue Ukraine” for June 2018 editor-in-chief Olga Sushko is an exact copy of introductory letter to a Russian colleague of Harper”s Bazaar Shahri Amirhanova 2006. Both texts are identical, they differ only in some moments.

Such plagiarism Olga Sushko explained in his post on Facebook in which he asked for forgiveness from the readers and editorial team and noted that the coincidence of the guilty is a freelance writer.

“A word from the editor because of the huge amount of ongoing work because elementary can “hover” over it for a few days because of the great responsibility and stress, I was assigned to write a freelance author, with whom he discussed the context and considered the author reliable, since I know him for many years and fully trusted”, — she wrote.

But despite the incident in the November issue of Vogue attentive readers will have noticed that the introductory remarks of the editor is also not very original. The text was borrowed from LJ all the same Amirhanova for 2014.

After the first scandal, the licensee Vogue company Les Publications Condé Nast S. A. and OOO “Media Group Ukraine” officially declared that “it is strictly against plagiarism and begin an internal investigation to clarify all the circumstances and details of the incident”. And at the time of the investigation, Olga Sushko was removed from the post of editor-in-chief of the gloss.

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