Thermal power plants in the Crimea, where the turbines are installed in SIEMENS, accident — Minot

On Taurida (Simferopol), thermal power plant, where is installed a SIEMENS gas turbine imported in circumvention of sanctions the accident occurred was damaged the production workshops. It is reported by the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories.

According to the Ministry, November 3, on the roof of the main building of the Taurian TPP was revealed the emergency area with signs of damage to the roof due to thermal effects. The accident was recorded by using space photography.

It is reported that the station was held up operations, which could cause a crash.

Recall the construction of thermal power plant is conducted by the company “Technopromexport” Russian Corporation rostec. The same company builds Balaklava thermal power plant, the accident which was recorded in August 2018.

August 30 was the signs of the destruction of the roof of one of the production rooms of TPP. The section of roof measuring 10 by 20 meters went bankrupt, as evidenced by the appearance of the destroyed roof and the characteristic smoke. According to Minot, the occupation authorities of the Crimea accident with gas turbines from Siemens, which was brought to the Peninsula to bypass international sanctions, concealed.

As previously reported, October 1, was put into operation the first units of the Tauride and Balaklava TPPwith installed turbines of the German company Siemens, illegally moved to the Peninsula in spite of the EU sanctions.

We will remind, rostec and Siemens the summer of 2017 are several disputes around the supplies to the occupied Crimea turbines in Germany bypassing the EU sanctions. Siemens is in the process pointed out that the subsidiary of Rostec breached the contract for the supply of turbines, which had established a ban on the supply of turbines in the Crimea. Formally, bought the turbines from Siemens subsidiary of Rostec resell them to another subsidiary of the company that put them on the Peninsula. In particular, the Arbitration court of Moscow on 10 January refused to Siemens and its “daughter”, “Siemens gas turbine technology”, recognition of contracts, equipment supplies null and void and in the return of the turbines.

Due to violations of the sanctions Siemens face penalties from the EU. The contract in Russia was fulfilled. Station in Crimea to begin work in may-June of 2018.

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And in April 2018, the leadership of the German concern Siemens AG and the German government assured the Ukrainian side about the intentions of the judicial and political means to prevent the launching of illegally placed in the occupied Russian Crimea, the four turbines of the concern.

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