Rada has strengthened control over “everblame”

In Ukraine imposed a limit on the number of cars that can be imported without cash collateral into the customs territory of Ukraine. For the bill 8 voted 245 deputies.

Bill No. 8488 amends the Customs code and certain legislative acts regarding the import of vehicles into the customs territory of Ukraine.

As noted by the head of the parliamentary Committee on taxation and customs policy Nina Southerner, for the second reading the MPs have submitted 67 proposals to the bill, which the Committee supported 10.

“The remaining 57 proposals can be grouped into two groups. It is the withdrawal of cooperation between National police to continue, it was impossible to stop violators of the customs legislation. And the second is the significant reduction in fines, again to provoke violations of the law,” said the Southerner, presenting the bill in Parliament on Thursday.

The draft law imposes restrictions on the number of cars that can be imported without cash collateral. So, the resident will be able to import into the mode of temporary import only one car. For the importation of the following — required warranty. The guarantor may be a financial institution, which will assume the obligation to pay all customs duties, if the car won’t be taken out.

Also increase responsibility for violation of customs regulations.

The one who will bring the car in transit or temporary importationwill not be able to transfer it into the possession, use or disposal to other persons or unpick it. This car cannot be used in business or to produce income — for example, to work in a taxi. For violation of these rules is a penalty — 34 thousand UAH.

The one who like this car will give the use (including for business) will also be fined. For the first violation, a penalty — 8,5 thousand UAH. For a second offense — 17 thousand UAH , with deprivation of the right of driving for a year, and also paid the auto removal at the expense of the violator.

According to the law, to control the use on the territory of Ukraine of vehicles for personal use, between the state fiscal service, the state border service and bodies of national police will be carried out by automated exchange of information about these cars and their imported.

According to the law Natspolitsiya gets the right to stop “EuroBLECH” to identify the transmission of a car to the person who imported the transport in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the police officers finally get access to the relevant databases.

So, GFS is required to pass the state border service and the national police information about cars and persons who violated the terms of temporary importation and/or transit times.

Also Natspolitsiya gets access to information about vehicles that are temporarily imported into Ukraine, and also the individuals who imported these cars.

The police are obliged in writing to inform the authorities of revenues and duties on the detection of misuse or transfer of vehicles personal use of possession, use or disposal of others, as well as about the discovery of reconnective such vehicles.

As specified in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill, the mass import of machinery on avtonomera contributed to the decision from March 2015 the decision of the constitutional court. This decision established that the use or disposal of vehicles for personal use that are placed under the customs regime of temporary import to Ukraine is not a criminal offence. This decision deprived the authorities of revenues and duties of leverage on the citizens of the offenders.

We will remind, earlier deputies voted for a bill that reduces the excise tax on customs clearance.

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