Began testing the locomotive “Trident” General Electric

November 8, began testing the locomotive ТЭ33АС “Trident”, produced by General Electric. This was reported by the Center for transport strategies with reference to “Kryukov wagon works” (kvsz), where he was retrofitted locomotive.

According to Kryukiv railcar, locomotive for the first time independently drove through the gates of the plant and arrived at the railway station Kryukov-on-Dnieper. The tests were successful professionals noted that “the locomotive is fairly easy started off a train of 48 loaded cars with a total weight of 4,500 tons!”.

It is reported that the first flight was observed by the group of experts and managers, TIES and proper use. The trial was attended by the operators of the Dnieper railroad, as well as specialists kvsz, General Electric, Ukrainian scientific-research Institute of car building.

As previously reported, at krcbw there are 15 locomotives General Electric, which are at different stages of readiness. The last batch of 7 diesel locomotives arrived to the company on 30 October. The rest of the locomotives will arrive in Ukraine in the first quarter of 2019.

American locomotives uses for transportation in Melitopol, Nikolaev and Mariupol directions.

Recall that the first stage of cooperation with GE provides for localization in Ukraine at the level of 10%. Gradually, the level of localization in Ukraine will be increased to 40%.

February 23, 2018 was signed a package of documents on long-term partnership with General Electric to upgrade and modernize the Park of diesel locomotives of “Ukrzaliznytsya”.

Detectives NABOO began investigating the signing of the agreement between Ukreximbank PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” for the supply of 30 railway locomotives General Electric. According to the applicant, the contract was allowed to be much higher than the prices at which it was made the supply of locomotives.


ТЕ33АС Locomotives in comparison with diesel locomotives 2TE10 and 2TE116, emissions reduced by more than 40%. The freight locomotives of a new generation with asynchronous traction motors with a power 3356 kW.

Construction speed — 120 km / h.

The locomotives have a large turnaround. They are equipped with modern safety systems and telecommunications, automatic fire detection and fire fighting. The high traction properties due to the integrated computerized microprocessor control system and diagnostics electronic fuel injection.

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