Fatal vulnerability Fallout 76 made the game a Paradise for cheaters and modders

Players will be able to make himself immortal and infinite ammo.

Players will be able to make himself immortal and infinite ammo.

Bethesda before the start of the beta test Fallout 76 said that players are waiting for the bugs. This was confirmed by the release of PC-version of the game that was so broken that she was removed from the computers of gamers. All the same, a Reddit user found a bigger problem.
What is known

Gamer nick teetharejustdone wrote that Bethesda loves the game so much that for 4 thousand hours played in Fallout 4 and two years doing fashion. Out of love to the modification the user is interested in Fallout 76, and after the release on PC began to dig in the client files.

According to teetharejustdone, Fallout 76 does not check the server files Bethesda that unties the hands of the modders and cheaters. For example, players will be able to save the trees or repaint the character models are bright colors to better see them. Collision detection with objects is also given to the game client, and after editing the file with the extension “.esm”, players will be able to pass through walls.

Teetharejustdone also found that clients Fallout 76 constantly exchange information, but not encrypt it. So with the right knowledge, the player will be able to learn the location and state of health of the character, as well as the IP address of the user’s computer. Besides, according to teetharejustdone, the network code allows you to kick players from the Fallout 76, sending a command packet disconnect from the server.

According to teetharejustdone, cheaters will also be able to use the “gullibility” server Fallout 76, making himself immortal or creating infinite ammo. The proof teetharejustdone causes a modification for Fallout 76, which changes the interface picks that the player saw the point for a successful burglary.

The journalist of the edition IGN read the post teetharejustdone and wrote a letter to Bethesda. The developers said that the guy is wrong and Fallout 76 protected from cheaters. At the same time the representative of the Studio said the game is protected from such manipulations. Of course, the project is still in beta test, but the vulnerability is so fundamental that it is unlikely to disappear before release.
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