Replacement Diablo 3: free Path of Exile will be released on PlayStation 4

Posts on Reddit show that gamers do decide to leave the game Blizzard.

Posts on Reddit show that gamers do decide to leave the game Blizzard.

Free Path of Exile, which gamers have already dubbed a Diablo clone, released on the PlayStation 4.
What is known

Grinding Gear, the developers of the game said that he planned to release in December, but the exact date is not called. At the same time the Studio is preparing a major update to 3.5.0, which will be released on December 7 on the PC. Grinding Gear has promised that in the same month, the update will reach PS4 and Xbox One.

Despite the free distribution model, the game became famous for the absence of the donation, which affects the balance. Players allow to buy only cosmetic improvements, like visual effects for magic or armor, as well as additional cells in the inventory.

Interestingly, the announcement of Path of Exile for the PlayStation 4 was released during the hype around Diablo Immortal. Fans are so angry at Blizzard that created the page that redirects players to the official website of Path of Exile. No joke, but the posts on Reddit show that gamers really decided to leave Diablo 3.
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