Ready Coca-Cola, Danone and Unilever to reduce plastic waste or is it a PR

If the company who signed the global initiative to combat plastic waste — and there are 250 ready to reduce the amount of plastic waste all over, or beautiful promises, writes

The problem of plastic trash littering the ocean was one of the main themes of the conference, held in Bali in late October and dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans. Its participants – more than 250 representatives of business, investors and governments — has announced a new initiative to combat plastic waste.

Among the signatories of companies — American Coca-Cola, Danone, the French and the Dutch-British Unilever. This is important because according to a recent study by Greenpeace, the packaging of these three companies is a leader in the volume of plastic waste.


What’s done in 2018 to fight the plastic

The European Commission adopted a decision to ban some disposable plastic products.

China surprised the world, with a ban on import of plastic waste. His example was followed by and Thailand.

At the summit “the big seven” in Canada by the heads of five countries — France, Germany, Italy, Canada, the UK signed the Charter, according to which by 2030 vse plastic will be replaced by recyclable, and the use of disposable plastic products is reduced. Also promised to establish an infrastructure for recycling of plastic waste and implement more environmentally friendly technologies. The signature under the Charter refused to supply the leaders of the United States and Japan.

A platform that integrates the efforts of countries to combat plastic waste, was launched in the framework of the United Nations environment programme (UNEP). One of the goals of the initiative – by 2025 100 % of all plastic packaging should be reused, recycled or kompostirovanija. What do you expect from business

In Greenpeace’s initiative, the UN criticized. I think that designated target is not specific enough, and companies still remains the only unsubstantiated claim that they take action to solve the problem. That is to create a positive image, but to continue to do business as usual.

11 major companies, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle, are not planning to reduce output of disposable plastic, according to a report Greenpeace

Although Nestle claimed that there would be “to adhere to the goal by 2025 is to make 100 % packing suitable for reuse or recycling”.

In Unilever I assure you that since 2010, nearly 30 % reduction in volume of waste due to recycling of the product.

In Danone’s claim that about 80% of used plastic packaging can be reused, recyclable or compost.

Greenpeace calls on the authorities and the public to look at all the promises the companies were skeptical until, while we will see their real actions.

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