WOG about “Firtash loans”: all loans back on time

All payments on the loans to group companies WOG performs on time and according to plan. So in the group commented on yesterday’s information about the large and overdue debts to the structures of Firtash.

“Repayment of loans and interest rates on loans are executed on time, repayment will be paid in full in accordance with paragraphs agreements with financial institutions”, — stated in the message a press-services of group of companies WOG.

It is noted that now the WOG financial liabilities restructured on 10 years, First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) and 15 years in State export-import Bank of Ukraine (Ukreximbank).

“This will allow the company to efficiently develop its activities in the future”, — explained in WOG.

Also, the report States that the shareholders, as before, remains unchanged.

In this group of companies added that they will not “respond to attacks or to engage in the information war with those who spread deliberately false information.”

Yesterday, the press service of Group DF said that the total amount of debt of the group WOG before companies Firtash as at 1 November 2018 is more than $460 million (including accrued and unpaid interest). And that they intend to recover an overdue debt and undertake “all legal measures”.

Thus the Group DF has denied the information that they are the owners of 6.55% stake in the company OWG Oil West Limited, which was among the founders of the major assets of the group “continuum” (a network of WOG). Supposedly this stake oligarch received debt relief group in front of Nadra Bank.


“Continuum” controlled by businessmen Sergei Ivakhiv, Sergey Lagur, Petro Dyminsky, and the heirs of Ihor Yeremeyev.

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