In the Ministry of Infrastructure has predicted, when the railroad will be thrust

In Ininfrastructure predict that private traction on the railway network will be two years. This was announced by adviser to the Minister of infrastructure, head of Group support reforms Miu Alexander Klitina.

“I think in two years we will have a private thrust. This is assuming that the draft law “On railway transport” No. 7316 will be adopted,” said Kletina.

According to her, the Ministry of Infrastructure has developed a significant part of the 80 normative legal acts necessary for the implementation of the draft law on railway transport.

“The draft law “On railway transport” indicated that the implementation of reform (access to private thrust on infrastructure — ed.) of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukrzaliznytsya and the Cabinet must work a year to actually take 80 normative legal acts. In fact, many of these acts have already been developed: this applies to methods of access to infrastructure also already exist in project orders on the establishment of railway administration. Work on regulatory security,” said Kletina.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada in October failed to adopt the draft law “On railway transport of Ukraine” (No. 7316), which provided for the admission of private thrust in the way of “Ukrzaliznytsya”. For the adoption of the document as the basis voted 202 deputies in the 226 necessary.

Why is it important? The fact that “Ukrzaliznytsya” informs about the critical wear of the traction rolling stock. According to the railway Ministry, today withindependent user wear and tear of locomotives is 96.8%, including locomotives 93.3 per cent, locomotives — 99,6%, and shunting locomotives — 99,9%. The average age of the locomotives is 40.6 years, with the standard age of 30 years, locomotives — 30.7 years, while the standard 20 years, shunting locomotives — 35.8 years, while the standard 25 years.

Because of this, ULTRASOUND is not able to fully provide shippers export of products that, in fact, entails a loss of revenue for all parties and the emergence of such concepts as “warehouses on wheels” when loads are idle in cars for a few days.

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