An extraordinary tale about the Swedish film “On the border of the worlds”

The winner of the “special look”

The film, created in co-production of Sweden and Denmark, took place in may this year at the Cannes film festival. Here the picture is “On the border of the worlds” won the prize for the best film of the program “Special look”. Later, Sweden has advanced the work Ali Abbasi for “Oscar” in the category “Best foreign language film”.

Director and co-writer of the film was born in Iran. And his painting “On the border of the worlds” created on the border of cultures, allowing you to broadcast truly “special view” of the world. It is surprising of course is connected to Norse mythology, shrewd Eastern contemplation, European humanism and socio-political relevance. Ordinary fantasy story

In the center of the picture is a woman, Tina (Eva Melander), who thinks that suffers from a genetic ailment, for which she lived and lives very difficult. At the same time, she has an amazing gift that helps her with her work. Carrying out customs inspection of passengers of the ferry, Tina is able to “sense” people’s feelings and thus learn what they’re hiding.

One day Tina meets Thief (Eero Milonoff), who looks a lot like her and she sure keeps big secrets. However, his feelings for her are a mystery. When Tina gets acquainted with the Thief, he reveals the secret of their origin, explaining who she is really is and why his whole life felt uncomfortable around people. Reality and fantasy

The film develops very slowly, take a long, realistic exposition of the life of the heroine, worthy sad the social drama. Ali Abbasi shows its customs everyday life, the problems in communication with partner, dogs whose aggressive attack on her visits to the nursing home to the father who gradually loses his memory.

In this ordinary reality and then wedged the magical elements associated with the contacts of Tina with nature, which she feels good and gets along (in one scene a Fox, for example, starts licking the glass of its window). With the advent of the Thief, who offered to eat worms, it’s a magical beginning acquires a leading role. Laconic detective

Skill Ali Abbasi is the naturalness with which he connects the ordinary and fantasy.

Between the words of the characters, the Director lays a broad clearing meaningful pauses and, at the same time, fills their relationship with sensuality very special properties, which stresses the special — border nature of the characters.

The story of their relationship unfolds against the backdrop of the involvement of Tina in an important police investigation to which it is attracted because of the amazing abilities. It should help to disclose — smell — the criminal network of pedophiles, who abuse children. This investigation is for the heroine is no less important than solving the mystery of his own birth.

A few finals and multiple meanings

In the end, the painting “On the border of the worlds” constantly teetering on the edge of the genres — social movie, a fairy fantasy, family drama, melodrama and detective, regular appeals which provoke diverse audience emotions. Particularly masterful Ali Abbasi could play them in the finals, in fact, offering several tense interchanges.

Same are multi-faceted and possible interpretations of the meaning of the picture, use the image of the border to exhibit in the same watersheds between good and evil which lie at the heart of every man.

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